Starting it all off…

Hello friends, 

Welcome to republic down thirty five’s first post EVER.

Nadeen here, making it sweet and simple for you. I bet you all are terribly puzzled by all this information on the website, and I bet you’re wondering what this blog is really about. You’re about to find out!

  • Who are we?- Jacqueline and I are two adventurous college students, who think we have alot to offer to the world. We love our hometown Houston, but our new homes are giving us so much more to explore and share with you!
  • Why are we blogging?- We both have been wanting to start our own blogs for a while now, but freshman year gave us way to much on our shoulders to even look into one. This past summer, the idea kept running back through our heads and we really realized that we needed to show off everything that we had been learning, experiencing, and making! We are both extremely unique girls, and we know that our creativity and explorations will benefit others.
  • What will we be blogging about?- Local Events, Music, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Accessories, Fashion, Photography, Traveling, Recipes, Bargains, Thrifting, and everyday experiences.
  • What should you do?-All we would like our readers to do is ENJOY our blog, spread the love, and give us as much feedback as possible (even if its harsh). Any comments or suggestions really help us out.

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