Dormroom Decorating!

Of course I had to create this post. I go to Trinity University in San Antonio, (Jacqueline, of course) and I am a resident mentor so I got to move in early, AND have my OWN room! Most people don’t get that, especially since we are required to live on campus for three whole years of university!
I quickly got down to business decorating my room, it has to be incredibly cozy otherwise I will never be in it. Here are a few pictures with some descriptions.

this is my bed area. I made a mega bed as we call it here at Trinity. It is about a king size bed and I can fit so many of my friends in it for sleepovers, so yeeee, especially when Nadeen comes to visit from Austin!

I CANNOT go to school without my postcards! (I collect them) Sorry if one you have sent me is not up! They will definitely be up on my cork boards.

I cannot wait to get crafting in my new room!


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