Breaking Bad

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed this fabulous weekend. Here in Austin, we got some much needed rain!

My sundays usually consist of cleaning up, running errands, cooking, reading and any kind of relaxing. But of course, every Sunday night at 9PM, I make sure to keep an open hour for the new episode of Breaking Bad.

If you don’t watch, here’s a quick summary that’ll make you tune-in tonight. The show is the story of Walter White, an average high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer at the beginning of the series. Because of his terminal illness, he wants to secure his family’s financial future before he dies. Walt turns to a life of crime. He uses his science brains, pairs up with a former student, and what do they do? They start to produce and sell methamphetamine.

If you live in Austin, you have the pleasure of watching this show on the BIG SCREEN every sunday night when the new episode comes on. Head on over to Alamo Drafthouse Cinema! You may know of this cinema as the place where you can eat, drink a beer, and enjoy a movie all at once. This is true, but now you can add the highly addicting show breaking bad to that list too! Best part is, it’s completely FREE. Seats do fill up quite fast, so you can guarantee your spot by purchasing a $5 food & beverage voucher online.

It’ll be playing at the village, lake creek, slaughter lane, and S lamar theaters! You’ll find me at the S Lamar location at 10:15 tonight. Come join me!





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2 responses to “Breaking Bad

  1. just started breaking bad on netfilx. i haven’t really gotten “hooked” yet but since EVERYONE is talking about it i guess i’ll give it some more time. any other tv show’s on netfilx you’d recommend? i’m always looking for good ones.

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