Yoga and Postcards

Well, today was my first day of classes back at Trinity, so it is nice to have some time to finally make another post! I promise I will start making more once I get into a routine here.

This post is pretty much filled with randomness but I think it is important! So I want to start off telling you all a quick fact about myself: I collect postcards! I started about a year ago, I think… and so far have a little over 20 which I think is pretty COOL. I am extremely excited because Nadeen just sent me one in the mail from Austin! I know she is not that far… but we already miss each other!

Here is me + new postcard from NADEEN!

I also took a few more pictures with some wonderful postcards that won’t stay up on my wall:

My boyfriend got me this one while he was in Europe!

This one comes from New York! I have about three from NY, I think…

ANYWAY, if you are from somewhere cool and would love to add to my postcard collection I would love to receive more!
So, another fact about me is that I started doing yoga this past summer. I did it a bit in San Antonio before I came home for summer because they offered really great outdoor free classes. This summer I took a wonderful class suggested from another friends blog ( and it was donation based, which was so wonderful because I don’t actually have a job right now. I began my search frantically for some donation classes or even free meditation classes in San Antonio, really anything to help with stress. I did find something cool!

If you are in the Alamo Heights area like I am and love yoga you should be aware of AC Power Yoga. It is a studio on Broadway and I found out that an instructor there is hosting classes with a donation of a minimum of $5 for a project for Africa. This is perfect for anyone low on cash but really wanting some group yoga!

As the flyer says it is on Fridays, at a perfect afternoon time. The studio also offers Community Classes which are also $5 dollars on Monday and Wednesdays at 4.

I hope you make it out, this class should be really fun, and hopefully it won’t kick my butt too much!

Here is a wonderful site for all you yogi’s out in San Antonio:





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2 responses to “Yoga and Postcards

  1. i am so sorry you never got my postcard from scotland – it was cute//homemade//watercolored and EVERYTHING. maybe it will come years from now or something. where did you end up taking classes in houston this summer? who was you favorite instructor?

    • I so wish I got your postcard but it is totally Okay, I mean youll go to scotland again right….? Ha maybe I will be there soon!
      I would say Blair was my favorite instructor of the summer, I tried a few different classes from other people from Jenny yoga and they were fabulous as well but I just got so used to blair’s class.

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