Finally Reunited

Nadeen and I are really hoping to be posting more frequently but we have both been so busy. This week was my boyfriends birthday. Yes, the whole week. Ha, so for his birthday he decided he wanted to go to Austin with some friends from Trinity to stay with Nadeen and some friends from back home.

I was so excited to finally be reunited with her! I had not seen her since the end of July, which is pretty long because we spent most of our summer days together.

With 8 people all going out to eat, we knew it would be hard to find food for everyone, and we were already hungry and grumpy so we decided on the South Congress food trucks. If you are in Austin and not familiar with the “SoCo” food trucks you need to get your butt down there.

This is a general view of the food truck lot:

There are over 10 different kinds of trucks that range from vegan indian food to cajun po’ boys. This is a great place for a group dinner outside!
We all ate completely different foods and were completely satisfied.
These food trucks are located at a perfect spot on South Congress because up and down the street are wonderful thrift stores and great places to browse. One of my favorites is Uncommon Objects, it is a big store seperated into different sections with completely random things you can buy!
and here are just a few more from our short trip
Sadly, it was such a short trip, but we ended up relaxing later that night and had a giant sleepover. Today we just walked around downtown after eating at kerbey lane.
I cannot wait to go back in September to see Nadeen again!


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2 responses to “Finally Reunited

  1. so … i’ve always had a thing against austin -guessitsjustbecasueILOVEHOUSTONsomuch- anyway your post got me excited and maybe even a little jealous. maybe i just don’t like it because i don’t “know” it. who knows. so, what food truck did you eat at / what did you get / would you recommend it ?

    • Sorry I am just now learning how to see comments.. I looove houston and miss it but while I am in a city I am trying to get the most out of it. I would say I like the city of austin more than the people (besides nadeen of course) I ate at the mighty cone, it is on the end and I had a fried avocado and shrimp taco, and it came in a cone!
      I would definitely recommend it! And its great for anyone, they have vegan and vegtarian options!

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