I am making you some promises !

Hello to all of you supporters, and hopefully new followers,

I want to start with wow. I am a bit ashamed that there has not been a cool post recently, but it was midterm time.

Last weekend I did go see Nadeen again with the usual gang, it was super fun. I went because I got tickets to see Animal Collective in Austin with my boyfriend ( I promise a post with pictures will come )
We also went to the Pecan Arts Festival on Saturday.

Here are some pictures!

Nadeen and I with a Knight!!! ( check out the animal collective shirt!, I did not get it at the show sadly) It rained all day so we look like rain in the pictures, but rain will never stop us.

ImageImageIs this wall famous?Imagehe made cigars for us!ImageThis band was playing in a country bar, not sure who they were actually. ImageImageSo there is a great story behind this flower! There was a nice homeless man on the street giving away free flowers but accepting donations. Due to my big heart, we gave him some money and he made us these pretty flowers! If you can’t tell by my hair, it was a yucky day out, you will never see my hair as curly as it was that day. Imagehe is cute. ImageWe took the bus EVERYWHERE this weekend, public transportation in Austin is so easy and helpful!Image

So this weekend Ann Marie is visiting me!
Let me give you some background, Ann Marie is one of my best friends from high school, naturally we went to different colleges in different states but on top of that her family moved to Miami this summer. So we were reunited 4 months after not seeing eachother!

For old time sake here is an OLD picture of us from high school:


Here are some not so recent, but definitely more than that one above.









I hope you feel like you know our friendship, you can definitely see how we have grown up. Seeing her this weekend has been therapeutic. We did some yoga, went to first friday’s (I have a post about that one in SATX) went to the pearl’s farmers market (also in that post) and we went to a thrift store themed party!

Next weekend I will be back in Houston and cannot wait to have some fun and make a post about it.

So here are the promises I was telling you about:

1. HOPEFULLY a blog post a week. between Nadeen and I.

2. More event posts!

3. More DIY posts. ( I will probably post one this week about things I have made before)

4. Tell me what you want to see!

So I have been using a disposable camera randomly and when I get it developed there will be a post with all the pictures from that camera, so look out for that coming sometime soon!

Here is a surprise: I dyed my hair blue. and i am pale.




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4 responses to “I am making you some promises !

  1. Her boyfriend

    guess i don’t have a name 😦

  2. what i want to see: more day to day pictures, like what your room looks like and cute outfits you wear

    • republicdownthirtyfive

      Thanks for the idea!
      I sometime do wish I had my own lookbook for ideas within my own clothes so this would help me keep tabs on it for sure

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