Co-ops: The Affordable Alternative

Hello! So much going on in my life right now I can’t wait to fill you guys in!

Living in Austin where there are 19381491201092 students, you find yourself having to sign leases literally a year early. Thus, I have currently been looking at housing options for this summer/next year. I absolutely love the little area I live in now in north campus, but me being the spontaneous girl I am, I want to try something totally new and out of my comfort zone.

As of today, I officially decided I want to live in a co-op next year.

A Co-op is pretty much a house where all the members (students living there) own the organize and manage it in whichever way they please. Every house runs differently, but each members plays a vital role and they all work together to organize chores, cooking, cleaning, etc.

The more research I did, the more obsessed I became. Austin has a TON of huge co-ops that house up to 100 kids, but I’ve been looking into the smaller ones that hold about 15-20 students per house. It’s so great because they are all so close to campus, extremely affordable, and such a great experience!

I’ve been doing my research, and I narrowed down my search to a few houses. Tonight, I went to go have dinner at one house I am really interested in: Arrakis.


I wish I could’ve taken pictures inside because it was literally the coolest house I have ever been in. Every wall painted with fabulous designs, special words written on the stairs,a projector.

Not only this, but the dinner the members made was incredible: cous cous, chickpea sandwhich, and carrots. Everyone gathered around the table, ate, and talked about their days. I had never been exposed to this type of environment before, but I absolutely loved it.

Check out this video that includes a tour of the house! I promise you won’t be bored

(I took this picture on my way home today, the tower was lit up burnt orange with a #1 and I couldn’t resist)


hook em!



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  1. hey! you should add the panchoandleftey tag because their last post was about the new houston co-op because Dena just moved into it!!

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