Today’s Wardrobe


This has been the prettiest week in Austin! Sunny with a cool breeze 🙂 Everytime it’s nice out, I always feel like I HAVE to dress cute that day. So this week has consisted of homework outside of coffee shops, taking cody(my dog) to the park everyday, awesome outfits, and halloween madness. For Halloween, I was a cat one weekend and a pirate the next. What were all of you dressed as? This picture was the morning after being a cat, I still had my whiskers on and I was snuggling with my roommates kitty.

It’s hard for me to dress up for school since I have 8AM classes everyday (I know I’m insane), so I usually try to sleep in as long as possible. However, this particular morning I literally threw on whatever I saw first, and ended up getting SO many compliments on it! Put me in the greatest mood 🙂

I’m wearing a dress from a garage sale in Austin- A group of students get together and sell all of their unwanted belongings every two months in north campus. It’s called wonder garage sale. I’ve been to every one so far and they are great! Me and cody will walk there, listen to some live music, shop around, eat some free food, and socialize. I’m hoping to volunteer at the next one, so be on the lookout!

my tights from urban outfitters from 2 christmas’ ago (thanks mom), and my combat boots are from target! I have been wanting brown combat boots for months…ask any of my friends, I would not shut up about them. Finally, this past weekend I got some extremely affordable ones and I’ve literally worn them everyday since then. 

Me and doggie Cody hope you have enjoyed this post and wish you all a great rest of the week!




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