Just Breathe.

I know everyone’s extremely stressed right now, if it’s not because of finals then its because the holidays are coming up. Which are joyful but at the same time horrendous. I’m sorry. My advice to you is to take a seat, soak up what you have, and breathe. It’s the little things in life that bring me up when I’m feeling agitated. Need something to cheer you up?

I recently made a new friend at a party, and it just so happened he was in a band. I went to go watch them play the next night at Black Heart on Rainey Street. Their music was a genre I wasn’t so familiar with, but I loved it. It sounded like a folk type of delta blues, and my friend Kevin can play the harmonica like no other. Not only did they sound great, but they seemed to be having so much fun and that’s what really got me. My description doesn’t do them much justice, so please go listen and I promise you won’t regret it! Go like their facebook page to stay updated!

Mother Merey and the Black Dirt


Have a wonderful, stress free weekend my loves!



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  1. Jim

    On a nearby Florida level: Where are your youngsters tonight?

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