Surprise, surprise. Jacque AND Nadeen here, writing on the same post, on the same computer, in the same room. We have finally been reunited for some days now and surprisingly we have not gotten sick of each other yet. Anywho, we have been meaning to blog but with our friends in town we hardly have time to catch our breathe and get more than 5 hours of sleep. We wanna talk about resolutions, atleast I (Jacque) do because I am quite excited about them for once. p.s. I may actually keep them this year…


My resolutions (Jacque):

some may be incredibly goofy, but I will hold them all to the highest level.

1. Lacto avo vegetarian: lacto avo means I still eat dairy and eggs. So for the second time in my life I have officially cut out all meat, including seafood. I don’t know how long I will keep this one up but certainly the whole year. People always ask me “whyyyy would you do something so stupid?!?!” or I get the mom comment “But you need your protein!!!” So I have pretty much planned out my diet for a while.. oh well.

2. The next goal of mine is to start reducing my carbon footprint. This includes being more eco-friendly, so I will start biking more for transportation, picking up litter, being concious of my recycling and trash output. I have a water bottle and mug I will be using instead of plastic or paper cups, and a set of silverware to take with me to again not use plastic, shorter showers, etc. So I am about to get used to germs.

3. I have always envied independent and outgoing people so much. I always rely on attending an event with a friend, I know it is so much more fun with friends, but I should accept that I can go out alone and I would love to meet fellow San Antonio friends who DO NOT attend my school, (I love you all trinity friends) but I gotta get away every once in a while.

4. The last one is just a small goal but ever since I started practicing yoga there have been a few poses I have never mastered that I have always wanted to, so I will continue to work on those daily until I can practice them with ease.

Nadeen’s Resolutions:

1. Pesceterian – As of January 1, I have given up all red meat and chicken. My reasons being different than jacque, but it’s nice to have her with me during this so we can push each other. So far, it’s been working out pretty well and I feel guuhhreeat. Hoping to last until 2014, (p.s. -veggie bacon is almost as delicious as the real stuff).

2. Independence – I often find myself getting let down because I tend to have high expectations of others in this life. I need to learn to stop relying on others so much, and know that all I need is MYSELF for happiness. No one else.

3. Keeping my word – Not saying that I’m a liar, but we all know how it goes these days. It seems as if it’s normal for someone to be flakey, and that frustrates me SO MUCH. When I say we are going to hang out on friday, we will. I want to be known as that girl who always keeps her promises and never commits to something if she’s not going to do it. 

4. Journaling – I have a strange habit of always wanting to buy journals in any gift shop I walk in. Thus, I have a pile of random journals scattered throughout my apartment. I figure I  should put them to good use and start writing more often. Later in life, I want to be able to remember all these crazy emotions I’m currently feeling. Plus, my life has been SO unrealistic lately. Putting everything on paper will be much appreciated in the future.

5. Piano – I used to play when I was a child, didn’t we all. Just over this winter break, I realized almost all of my best friends are musically talented. It’s beautiful and I want to partake in it. Found a keyboard on craigslist for $40 and I plan on mastering it.


Aside from our resolutions, jacqueline and I have been having a blast together. Spent new years eve with all of our best friends. We didn’t need a fancy bar or restaurant, being with these guys was more than enough to define the perfect night.

photo (20)

photo (16) photo (19)



IMG_3943_2 IMG_3941_2


photo (21)

While in Houston, jacque and I adventured to the museum of fine arts, cactus records, river oaks theater, and even the DOLLA THEATA. Definitely a good time. (If you are from houston and have never been to any of those places… tsktsk)

photo (18)

We’re currently at my apartment in Austin. It’s been nice showing her how my life goes on over here, and YOU should be excited for a post all about it soon.

In the meantime, I made a silly little video of my favorite memories from 2012. I was bored at my grandma’s house with no wifi, and was curious to play around with iMovie. Enjoy!

from BOTH THE GIRLS, happy new year!

jacqueline and nadeen.



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2 responses to “2013

  1. AW Nadeen! I love this. Your following your dreams of becoming a blogger. I love the site, and your pictures are always so awesome! Keep posting and I’ll keep reading 🙂

  2. thanks for the inspiration susie! it’s nice to know that someone is reading 🙂

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