Before I die

Since I have been back school has not been too demanding. Luckily that gives me time for adventures! I had heard there was a before I die wall in San Antonio and I guess you could say I put it on my bucket list. Now that I am super lucky and get out of class at 10:20 am on Fridays that gives me ALL day to do fun things. ( I should probably get a job) but I am looking for places to volunteer as well! My friend Ben and I ventured down to the wall which is south of southtown which you should know of if you live in San Antonio! (Hint: king William historic district!)



The wall gets erased every once in a while so there weren’t too many goals on there but here’s a few I liked:




That one was mine ^


The weather was so amazing that day that we had to take advantage of our favorite park (also in southtown) called Chris park. It’s a beautiful hidden green space in the heart of the city.



Here are my two favorite parts of this park:

And the toilet room that’s huge/modern/halfoutside



While we sunbathed I found this really awesome Lisa frank phone on my app. I hope you all remember Lisa frank from childhood if you are roughly my age…
I Lisa frank’d a selfie…


Anywho, tomorrow is MLK day so that means no school woohhoooo. If you are near the San Antonio area I HIGHLY suggest attending the march on the east side. It is the largest in the nation and I will be there with the jazz station I DJ for as we do a live coverage!



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