Learning to Love

Recently, I’ve been focusing on the importance of showing my love to others. Everyone in my life is special to me and I want them to know it each and everyday.

You know those people who are constantly just feeding compliments and seem as if they’re in their own little la la world. That’s not what I mean.


I’ve been showing love through giving. Giving my time and attention to my best friends. Being consistent. Asking for more. Laughing.

All that good stuff. I promise you end up receiving more than you gave in the beginning.

this photo serves as an example of my theory.


Anywhoo, enough of the mushiness, MY LIFE IS SO BUSY.

I’m currently:

  1. Applying for internships
  2. A part time nanny
  3. Taking an intensive 6 hour arabic course
  4. Somewhat trying to start my own business (you’ll hear more soon)
  5. Aiming for a 4.0 so I can get into McCombs Business School
  6. Practicing Bikram Yoga again
  7. Going through training to become a young life leader
  8. Rebuilding friendships
  9. Trying to keep my sanity

While I would love to show you all of these current activities I’m engaging in, I don’t want to bore you. Here is a quick recap.

I went on a cruise to cozumel at the beginning of this month



I started off my semester by going on a hike at Barton Creek Greenbelt with my best friends




I’ve been adventuring out into the city. Every weekend I try and go somewhere new. I swear there will never be a boring day in Austin.




I’ve been experiencing a sense of independence that I’ve never had to think about before. It’s odd and can be uncomfortable, but I love it. Feeling accomplished and constantly thirsty for more.

“It’s a luscious mix of words and tricks that let us bet when you know we should fold.”  -The Shins




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