Sister funky fusion

This post goes out to my sister. She is 22 and has been a live in role model for me. My feet don’t necessarily fit into her shoes, we have a lot we disagree on, including boys, fashion, and some life choices but recently I think we both certainly have found our calling in jewelry making.

If you haven’t read about me, I am an art student with a specialization in metal design, mostly jewelry pieces.

I made this:


And am currently working on something along these lines:



But back to my sister! Here’s us btw


You can tell I love her right?

Anyway, I remember the first time we got little Tupperware containers and got to fill them with stretchy string and seed beads to string bracelets and necklaces. My sister has taken that passion from childhood and continued it throughout the years to get better and more creative.

She now has accomplished creations such as these!





and that’s just a look at earrings. Needless to say, she’s talented. I hope that one day we can take both of our skills and do this cool sister fusion funk and make something extremely out of the ordinary!

She recently opened up and etsy shop to see how people take a liking to her jewelry and you can see more stuff there:

I hope this inspires you to keep working at whatever wanky creations you make!




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  1. Really liked your blog, check out ours thanks x

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