Foxygen, UMO

I feel like it has been a while, but I guess it hasn’t been too long. Haven’t done too much exciting stuff anyway.. HOWEVER, I did go to Austin on this last Wednesday to see nadeen!

My class schedule was pretty light and the station I host for ( gave me free tickets to see Wampire, foxygen, and unknown mortal orchestra at the Mohawk!

So I took nadeen with me on a post valentines day date and we spent the night listening to GREAT music!










Nadeen has a friend named Kevin, she wrote about his band in a previous post! (Mother merey and the black dirt) but he just got a baby pig! So we went to play with it!


Meet apa, apa likes to snort and chew on things like hair



When I woke up in the morning nadeen had left for class already but I managed to take full advantage of the apartment and got to make myself breakfast!


Sadly I had to head back to Satx so soon but I enjoyed my quick visit! I get to see her again in two weeks for spring break when we head to New Orleans!

Check out the indie station blog, I wrote a post about the show



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