Peace and Quiet at a music festival

It seems like lately some not so great things have happened in my life. Of course it is not the end of the world but these “things” make life harder to deal with, and certainly have me spending a lot more time thinking in the shower. When people say life is precious, an oh so common cliche, well that is because it is true. It is precious, and as humans we come to that realization, we think about it for 20 minutes, maybe even 24 hours, then we get occupied by more fascinating things in our lives and we move on. I can say this thought has been in my head for almost 3 weeks now and has me questioning myself. I am questioning even small things like am I happy with what I am studying? Because I find that incredibly important, Am I happy where I am as a friend? Am I happy with my relationships to the people around me? It is all so heavy and dense, and can really wear one down.

So I kind of want to try something new to see if I can truly lift my spirits back up and feel truly content and ready with where I am at 19 years old.

Being in college is not easy, especially at a small university, and I am not talking about the school work. Every single human is judgemental, and it is just hard sometimes to be the best friend that you envision yourself in. As I have seen relationships change a lot throughout my time, I have really learned that relying on friends is great, but you have to learn how to be your own friend as well. I began going places by myself a lot more frequently, volunteering alone, going out alone, and I have really enjoyed just my own peace and company.

I was asked to cover the Maverick Music Festival this past Saturday in downtown San Antonio. I was going to have to go alone, and navigate the crowds and people all by myself. To be honest I was a bit hesitant at first, but I thought it could be fun, and I would love to take some photos since it had been a while. I ended up spending a few hours meandering downtown, and some at the festival pretending like I was all VIP with my media credentials. I did not really talk to much of anyone while I was there, and I was totally okay with that because I had a great time by myself. So I encourage you, no matter what kind of anxieties you have, because truthfully we all have them, to venture out and really let your mind have some quiet time while doing things you love.

Here are some photos from the festival I want to share:

Henry + The Invisibles (ATX, SATX, NY)



ImageHe was incredible live, I couldn’t help but snap my fingers and move my feet. I have a hard enough time dancing around people I know (sometimes) so I really caught myself by surprise when I was able to do this by myself.

Girl in A Coma (SATX)





The Toadies (San Marcos?)









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  1. these photos are fabulous jacqueline and i am glad you were out to venture out alone 🙂 it is necessary sometimes.

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