The Best of Netflix Streaming

This is something new I’m trying out. I wasn’t expecting to blog about it but I haven’t been able to get these movies off my mind. My workload has recently decreased, giving myself more time for my hobbies like this blog, arabic, painting, cuddling with my dog, and …watching movies?

I’ve recently noticed that the TV doesn’t entertain me the way it used to. It’s a good thing, but can be quite disappointing in my moments of boredom. I am no longer able to turn on the TV and let the day pass away…this has led me to put more thought into what I actually do watch.

If you have Netflix, you may know about the decline of good choices available. However, I am here to tell you that THERE IS STILL HOPE. Just when I thought I had seen every free and enjoyable movie accessible to me, I found these two that just blew my mind (thank you roku player).

First off, Seth Rogan and Michelle Williams together in a romance..need i say more?

This is not your typical rom-com. Take This Waltz throws love on the table in the most blunt and beautiful way. You may need to be a little patient to get through the beginning, but it’ll all be worth it when you’re able to see Seth Rogan’s sensitive side come out (it’s spectacular). Please watch and let me know the message you were able to gain from the movie, the ending led me to ambiguous interpretations.

Just when I thought I had found my movie of the month, I stumbled upon another a few mornings later. You know those movies that leave you in a weird mood for the rest of the day? They just make you feel a bit uneasy, confused, and thirsty? That is the effect that Daydream Nation had on me.

We all know the odd attraction every man has to the beautiful Kat Dennings. I don’t say odd because of her looks, I say this because of her unusual yet addicting character in every role she plays. This movie reminded me of a romantic, degrassi type of Donnie Darko film. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Go watch and clench your teeth as the suspense heightens [PS-the soundtrack is addicting as well].

I blog and watch movies as this thunderstorm passes through. I hope you enjoy these two as much as I did. We all have “that friend” who’s netflix account we’ve been signed onto for months. Go watch and take advantage of this while you can. I know your brain could use that hour and a half of relaxation. And please let me know what you think! My feelings won’t be hurt if you hate them, I am known to enjoy the strange flicks.




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