Three heel clicks then I’m home

Well, what I really meant was three hours… But if prefer the heel clicks to hours any day. It has been some time since we have posted but school gets really busy around finals, if you are in college you understand. You have those last minute tests, papers and projects followed by two weeks of final exams, packing, and trying to say goodbye to who you spent your time with through the year. It’s a really sad time, especially saying by to those graduation seniors who you have gotten so close with…


Luckily some will still be here^^^ thank goodness for that.

But other friends have gone to far away places and I am not sure when I will get to see them again. Even though I will miss all of them I could not wait to come home, as I finally got to yesterday.

I packed my car as much as I could. No idea how I fit in my bike, tv, tons of bags of clothes, mattress topper, pillows, hangers, art work, etc. it was definitely riding low on my three hour trek back to Houston.

I was so happy to be greeted by my mom and puppy on the patio! And got to wake up to this this morning


Here are just a few photos from my sophomore year I had stored on my phone :

One of my best friends

A senior I will miss making me laugh while pissing me off at the same time



The most relatable person I have ever met

People I have known from the beginning


Someone who changed my life

The best of the best

My first and best friend at Trinity

Road trips

White chocolate…

The person I can always go to, my sister


Friday bike rides


And of course, my residents.

I am so happy to be home in Houston and see what the summer has in store.

The day I moved home, nadeen moved into her co-op arrakis and I hope she has pictures for us soon!



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