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Hello wonderful boys and girls,

My life is so great! thanks for asking, how is yours?!

But really, everything is grand. I am the happiest I’ve been in a while, due to a list of things. One of which being that I was able to go back to my hometown this past weekend for a music festival and see all the people I adore oh so much.

I love the city I live in, Austin is perfect for Nadeen. You all know this. But the feeling I get when I am driving back home to Houston, the comfort that goes through my body when I am driving down 610 South. I hope this feeling never fades.

This may seem selfish and annoying of me. But before I left to Houston, I made a list of the people I really ACTUALLY wanted to see, and I made a list of the few places I wanted to go. I have the tendency to want to please everyone else in the world except for myself, and I made sure I would not do this on my short getaway. One of my top priorities on this list was going to eat at the bagel shop with one my favorite people in the whole wide world.


Lexy and I have the common hobby of eating. We love to eat, so much. And I love her because she is one of the few girls I know who doesn’t feel guilty about it. We are proud to say that we spend 80% of our lives searching for the next place to dine.

While in Houston, I was also able to reconnect with a very very, very old friend. His name is Erik. Erik and I had the height of our friendship about 5 years ago, and unfortunately lost touch since then. However, the comforting part of this story was that hanging out with him was exactly the same that it was before. Don’t you love people like this? Genuine people. Who stay true to themselves, and don’t just adjust to what others want them to be. Erik has been doing really cool things with his life, and in a few weeks he is going to hike the Appalachian Trail. I honor his appreciation for nature. He just started a blog where he will update us on these adventures! Go add this to your bookmarks and watch this goofball discover more and more everyday 🙂



Now on to the reason I went back home, Summerfest. Music festivals are always fun, but when you’re listening to a great song, dancing, and you look around to see your best friends dancing and smiling with you, it’s the greatest, most unexplainable feeling. I wasn’t a huge fan of the lineup this year, but these guys made it all the best.


This is Mr. Harrison. I heart him with all my heart. Such a positive and happy friend. No need to complain bout a thang in life. Oh, and he’s hilarious. You should get to know him.IMG_5874

Jacque in front of the crowd. We didn’t think it was possible for them to fit this many people at summerfest….so pretty much, if you’re claustrophobic, this is not the place for you.IMG_5875

photo 4

It was effing hot! This was halfway into my transformation of becoming a lobster. Or perhaps, my true latina side actually starting to come out. IMG_5877

From the joy you see in their faces, you can tell something beautiful had just happened. (Hint: the box of beer)

Everyone enjoys each others company so much. Have you ever seen such big smiles? Doubt it.

My favorite show of the weekend was The Postal Service. I never thought I’d be able to see them live, and their music takes me back to my awkward days as a freshman in high school. I was sad that I would have to see them alone because most of my other friends went to see Calvin Harris who was playing at the same time. Then I found THE BEST people to see them with. These two guys appreciated their music as much as I did, and I love them for that.



Okay, so if there were a section of craigslist where you could search for a partner in crime to take with you to a music festival, or anywhere, this guy would be the #1 candidate. I kid you not, when I say he DOES NOT stop dancing. And singing. And laughing. And may I add, that it is so contagious. IMG_5892

And this leads him to stand out from the rest of the crowd, and find old friends! (Typically, it’s impossible to find anyone at summerfest because you get no signal and its so loud, etc etc)


And then we find this guy, Mitchell. Who we love and resent at the same time because he managed to get into the festival by trading his harmonica and a magnifying glass to a security guard at the entrance. While the rest of us used our precious money to save up and go. But all is well, because really, this kind of stuff only happens to Mitchell, and I believe it’s because of the generous man that he is, asking nothing in return. What goes around comes around.

And then we dance….

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Summerfest, you sure did treat me well. And I dream of the next time I will see your face again.

Till next time,


Nadeen Abou-Hossa


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