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It’s about time I started this, I told myself I would cook a lot when I came home, and I have, really! I just haven’t blogged about it… I’m ashamed because it all came out delicious, even if there were mishaps along the way.

A few things I have conquered are two pizzas, in the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink style, as well as vegetarian quesadillas, soy meat spaghetti, veggie tofu and rice medleys, and now I’m onto smoothies.

So today I decided would be a day I blog about my food:

This omelette contained spinach, red peppers, tomatoes that I sautéed and then poured two whole eggs over those. In the center I added white cheese and avocado slices before folding it over.

Oh my gosh it was beyond good, can’t you tell? It didn’t stay long on that plate before it was all in my belly.

I recently discovered in my pantry a Hamilton beach smoothie maker, a knock off version of a magic bullet but boy it works great!
So I have decided to start making myself some smoothies that taste delicious while getting my vitamins and proteins.

So lunch,
The problem with my smoothie recipes is I don’t measure things… Ever

So I combined some blueberries, peaches, half a banana, Raspberries, blackberries, Greek non fat yogurt, a spoonful of peanut butter, and surprise some KALE.


If you haven’t hoped on this kale bandwagon I suggest it. It’s delicious for salads, and if you put some in a smoothie you get vitamins but you can’t even taste it! What a trickster that kale is..

I hope to make more delicious things to show you soon!

—-Chef Jacqueline



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2 responses to “Version cookbook

  1. YUM! i’ll buy you some kale for your birthday.

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