Modern Housewife

Most people say Sunday is for laundry, but I say Sunday is for blogging. I haven’t done a recap type post in a while, so I guess it needs to be done. Its summer time and a lot has been going on!

This week was incredibly fun because there were two holidays! Gay Pride, and the 4th of July, I am so excited because that means only a few weeks until my birthday AND no work AND fireworks. So we went to my friend Mels house to watch the fireworks on his rooftop deck.


Soooo it was a beautiful view and the only picture I got was of the sunset… BUT fireworks are so pretty that I get mesmerized and I couldn’t be bothered to pull my phone out to snap pictures.


Gay Pride Parade was also last Saturday and boy was it a party



Some of the greatest costumes and characters come out during gay pride. It was also led by Annise Parker, who just may be the coolest mayor.

The week flew by and the next thing I knew it was the weekend again, and I was house sitting this weekend, so naturally there was a raging party and we destroyed the house. just kidding!

I was just thrilled to spend some time alone and to cook in a big ole kitchen!

Friday night I made pasta:

veggie pasta with


soy beef crumbles (delicious, and taste just like beef), spinach, diced onions, toasted pine nuts, cooked in olive oil, lemon juice and various random spices.


I have also really been trying to be super healthy this summer, so I created a new page on the blog called Healthy lifestyle, which will include healthy recipes I make, and maybe some fun workout stuff…just maybe…

So i included a salad at dinner:

Dark field greens, with craisins, feta cheese crumbles, and avocado slices with a cilantro lime dressing.

MMMMM, i’m starting to feel like a modern housewife.



Saturday night my friend Beth and I went to an arts market in the heights then to Coco’s Crepes on Grey. If you have not been there, i think it is a Houston must.

so now it is sunday, im on the couch working on some art work which has not happened in a while, so I am feeling good. I may be feeling new because I have been alone and relaxing, or because I got a new haircut… who knows.


ya like??!?!?!



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