Often times, change is seen as a bad thing.

We get so comfortable with our typical surroundings, and even if its boring, we tend to settle, accept, and stay there. I am the queen of boredom. Meaning I get bored with life so easily. Does this make me high maintenance? I don’t think so. I don’t necessarily have to be doing “exciting” things day by day. I just have to be productive, even if this means putting “going to a coffee shop” on my to-do list. And so, unlike many others, I enjoy change. I feel that stepping outside of your comfort zone is one of the stepping stones to maturity.

My life has been nothing but ordinary lately. No complaints here, its just SO different. I have to slap myself sometimes as a reminder that it’s actually happening.

First off, arrakis has put in a big contribution to this “different” feeling.


Bandit, one of the house dogs. Look how well behaved he is on our front porch! Soon, we will have 4 dogs and 1 cat total. SO MUCH LUVIN.


Cody hugging on to one of his millions of new friends.


The boys having fun with their meatloaf. 2 of us cook for the house Sunday-Thursday. I cook on Tuesdays, I will admit that things get heated and stress full in the kitchen, when you know so many people are counting on you to be fed. But it’s such a warm feeling when you see everyone enjoying something you put work into creating.


Al and I made an Indian Dish this past week, Tikka Masala. I was quite nervous it would become a disaster because it is a long long process and difficult to perfect. But in the end,  it turned out delicious 🙂 A little on the spicy side, but it’s Indian Food so….


We got a ping pong table for our dining room. Dining table by day, ping pong table by night. I will become a pro by the time I move out.

And so this is all a change, but a fun one! (Am I encouraging you to not live the norm anymore?)

As I stated before, Lana is back. And hallelujah for this change! Her boyfriend, Santi, and one of her best friends, Lindsay, and I planned a lil sumthin sumthin for her return. It was the most precious and personal four person party I had ever been to, and Lana was quite surprised.


This is us doing the whole self timer thing upon Lana’s arrival at the apartment. Lindsay and I had prepared some delicious foods while Santi had to find a way to drag her back to her place. Look how happy she is! Hands on the cheeks and everything. Oh and the pups joined us too, so party of SIX actually.


I wuv her way too much and am so happy to have gotten the privilege to become so close with someone my first year in Austin. 1006161_10151781981203688_413718106_n

Lindsay with the goodies. We all participated in the making of this, but you must know, that Lindsay is a beast in the kitchen. You’ll see her on TV someday baking some fine pastries. 999504_10151781981793688_1821681752_n

And you must never forget the vino. 1043998_10151781983358688_788521917_n

Ending off this lovely surprise party with some good ol’ smores, cooked INSIDE the apartment. The way it’s supposed to be, right?

And so now I work on organizing my life and making sure I continue to be productive and set my priorities straight, WHILE enjoying myself with all these amazing people who surround me.

I consider myself a very lucky girl : )

-Nadeen Abou-Hossa


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