The reason that life has been so surreal lately is because I’ve somehow managed to have booked every weekend with exciting outings. I am so fortunate and continue to say thank you thank you thank you so that I can forever live these loving weekends.

Two weeks ago, I traveled to a far away land. Not just a far away land, but a whole different world. Beyond anything that you can even imagine. A mere three hours away, the town of Utopia provided us with a great 3 day escape.


The outdoorsy side of my boyfriend came out, and boy was I impressed šŸ˜‰

photo 3

We were ready to conquer the rain.

Our car was overfilled with goodies and munchies and dranks, and about 13482395 gallons of water. It made the ride there a bit of a squeeze, but in the end, way worth it. Every goodie was much needed.

photo 2And anyways, it didn’t matter cause it was a girl partay in the back.

We were all in a bit of a panic when we arrived because it was raining, and everything was muddy, and there was no light for us to set up at the campsite. We decided pouting around would cause no good, and so we packed our cooler up and walked to the festival. Rainboots and all, looking a little crazy, but ready to have a good time. The first band we saw was calledĀ He’s My Brother She’s My Sister.



The next band that night was calledĀ Brownout.Ā We all danced the night away, and our moves were so groovy that we intimidated the rest of the crowd away from us.


photo 1

photo 5

photo 1

Waking up in nature is a beautiful feeling, especially when you go to sleep on a muddy terrain and wake up to a dry, sunny day. You feel as if in that day, you WILL be productive, you WILL laugh. I almost feel selfish when I’m having a “bad day” in this kind of sunshine.

photo 4

And of course we brought the french press. I want to tell Trent thank you everyday for teaching me how to use this thing, because it has changed my life. And made me a bit of a coffee snob.



Hills in every direction.




Brian became a bubble model..? He will be featured on the cover of next year’s Utopia Fest Ad. Be on the look out.


Them boys gettin down to work.




Camping is fun because you get to know everyone so well. There’s always that moment of frustration where everyone hates each other for a few minutes, and then comes the laughter and happiness. And in the end, we are all so much closer.

photo 2

photo 3


Brian and Trent’s booties together make a big ol’ donk.




My beloved Utopia, I can’t wait to see your beauty again next year. In the meantime, keep your sunny days and positive energy there. We’ll be back.




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