Great Expectations

disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with some culty book I never read.

I hear so many people saying they need to create a blog or record their life stories here, well clearly I have been trying to do that on this blog with Nadeen for over a year now. I haven’t always kept up with it as you may know but I told myself I really would try while I was here. It has not been that difficult… Mainly because I take so many damn photos here. 

I have now been here ALMOST two weeks, and it feels like two months. I would love to fill the blog post with amazing stories of the new friends I made and the inspiration in life and in art stemming from being here, but in reality, it’s not all that simple… So I guess this post is a small wake up call to anyone who expects to go abroad and be happy and excited all day long. 

It’s difficult. I think this difficulty stemms from these great expectations our family members, friends, school advisers, and peers have try to emulate to us. 

I have been a little too shy to really branch out on my own, surprise. So I stick with my comfort zone, my housemates. They really are truly great people, they are there for me, they make me laugh, and we all like pasta. You probably haven’t seen many pictures, which is again a surprise because every other friend you know that is abroad has uploaded a hundred pictures, half of which are selfies with their new best friends that they made on day two. The friends everyone says will be with you the rest of your life, well yes I do like to keep friends, who doesn’t? But how can you tell which is which? And how does meeting them here change the relationship? This is what they don’t explain to you in all the pre-departure sessions. 
Anyway, here are a few photos of housemates that we scrounged together. We decided it was time to whip out the cameras, gotta show all the spectators that I too am studying abroad. 







Along with this somewhat unfamiliar shyness that has come over me has come a bit of fear. The ways Italians tackle the streets, just crossing and hoping they don’t get hit, is not the fear I have. Its a new fear, one I haven’t quite felt yet. I think it comes with the new environment. I am fearful of not doing everything that I want to and not embracing this beautiful and newfound culture that I have wanted to be apart of for so long. 

So I guess my whole point of this is to say that I am going to start being proactive. I am going to step out of my comfort zone, talk to people, go to these places my crazy Italian professors recommend, and just not let myself leave until I feel like I have done all I wanted. 

From now on I make goals, and take each day at a time. With no expectations. Starting tomorrow, I am going to the community garden to start volunteering. 
And the next day, who knows.. I do not want to have expectations.

All I want to say is that I do not want to have another weekend where I only leave the apartment once a day, to get groceries.. 

The next post shouldn’t be too far from now… my boyfriend says : “You’ve been blogging a lot! I love it!” Guess I gotta keep it up.. after all I am abroad, and people are expecting it. 




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