Vintage Seleczione

Sundays were never my day. In the past, Sundays have meant homework, too much television, and saying goodbye to those I cared about. It is the start of a new week, but it always seemed to be the end for me. I now understand the rather random band name ‘Taking Back Sunday’, because I am taking it back! I am going to start embracing it as the beginning of the week. As it should be. 

Today is Sunday. 26 de gennaio, 2014, and it was an incredible day. 

I finally left the house before noon. It needed to happen at some point, and this was the second day in a row of pure cloudless sunshine, I couldn’t NOT take advantage of it. The weather has been so cold, overcast, and damp. I needed the sun to uplift me this weekend and it did. 

I got up, already excited for the day just because it was SUNNY. New friend Riley and I went to Stazione Leopolda, which was a warehouse. It reminded me of the winter and spring street studios in Houston. We went to Vintage Selecion-Vintage Selection. It was a giant vintage market that only pictures can fully describe. BUT when people talk about beautiful italian fashion, beautiful Italian peoeple, and more. Well, this is where they were. All here, and all beautiful. 





There was an art exhibit in one part of the warehouse that was completely blocked off. We entered and a very eerie music was playing, with drafts of cold wind. There art pieces were all made from garbage. Chicken wire, glass, etc. 







I think finished out my afternoon on the river for a nice job. If you are wondering why you dont see any florentine buildings in this photo it is because.. well… I ran out into the suburbs. The florentines really enjoy the weather, and the calm lifestyle. So many people were out just on afternoon walks in the sunshine. I found some of the most peaceful places to sit and listen to my music. I was very thankful to be able to exercise again. Bring on the cannolis!



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January 26, 2014 · 8:13 pm

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