The Real Break

Today is March 16th, and it is a warm Sunday afternoon. In just six short weeks I will be spending this afternoon packing my Italian life and making plans for my last night. 

It is hard to believe that the past six weeks have gone by so quickly and tells me just how quickly the next few ones will be, especially once my roommates and I start knocking things off our bucket list. Tonight, we are going to a Fiorentina soccer game, that’s on the list. 

Most things I have done recently are also bucket list worthy. I have taken a few day trips, Siena and San Gminiano, which I meant to blog about…the week after, and now it has been four. Quickly after that came midterms, school is not too serious here but I did still have projects to finish up and papers to write, so I got a little busy not leaving much time for myself to blog. 

After the projects were turned in, I fled the country. I spent a week in London, which was very different. I plan to recap my life over the next few weeks and make it up with some incredible blog posts. However, this post goes out to the most recent week I have had. The week after spring break. Most people were coming back from incredible travels, sad about getting back to class and regular life, but I had been waiting for Sunday after spring break for quite some time now because that meant that Trent was going to be here. When I had to say goodbye to my man three months ago it was “see you in four months”. I did not know that he would end up getting to join me in this beautiful country for a week. 

He arrived Sunday evening and our reunion at the bus stop gave me the warm fuzzy feelings I had been needing. We spent the week roaming around the city so that I could show him my favorite restaurants, streets, and little spots to lay in the sun. We spent so much time laying in the sun because the weather this week was INCREDIBLE, by far the best I have experienced since being here. 

We took one day trip to Cinque Terre, which was one of the highlights of the week. I never thought I would get to see such an incredible place, with such an incredible person. 




Were pretty cute. 


These photos were just a glimpse of our little vacation we had together. Today Trent is back in America and I have six more weeks until I get to return. It was definitely hard to say goodbye and not be able to just hop on the plane back with him, I am starting to get a little antsy to get back home. But I still love it here and can’t wait to take full advantage of my remaining six weeks. 



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