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Republic DownThirtyFive is a blog dedicated to the regions of Austin and San Antonio, Texas. We are two best friends who love arts and crafts, delicious food, great friends, and we enjoy having a good time going out in our cities. In our posts you just might find it all!
My name is Jacqueline, and I reside in San Antonio, Texas.

I am from the hometown of Houston, Texas, where I can never have enough fun. I am an art student ( you will most likely see some of my art on here ), I especially love photography, and metal work. I like to think I am pretty outgoing, I do have my shy moments but boy when you get me talking, it’s kind of hard for me to stop. Sometimes my cheeks even get sore from smiling so much! For fun I love to go on picnics, watch local music, cook, and bask in the sun just like my puppy. The daytime is my favorite, but my city at night is beautiful! I cannot wait to share the wonders of my city and my mind with you!

My name is Nadeen, and I reside in Austin, Texas.

I am also from the one and only Houston, Texas. I’m currently an International Business major at the University of Texas at Austin. I love painting, cooking, crafting, thrifting, and exploring with my dog! I am the most free-spirited, positive, friendly, and diverse girl you will ever meet. In my free time I  create jewelry, meet new people, learn about other cultures, and find out the best local deals. Family, laughter, and coffee keep me smiling and bright everyday.

We hope that we can bring all the things we love in life right back to you!

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One response to “Find Out About Us!

  1. you girls are so SO cute. i’m so exited to follow this blog !!!

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