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Be Cozy, Hygge.

It’s been a while ya’ll

Jacque was in Italy for a whole semester and I just felt like my life was nearly not as exciting as hers, so she temporarily took over the blog 😉

But now, Jacque resides here in Austin folks. Well until August at least. It’s pretty fun, and hasn’t quite sunk in that she lives here yet. We haven’t lived in the same place for a few years now, but I’m enjoying it as much as I can.

I’ve been really into the idea of coziness and what makes a home a real home. My cousin’s boyfriend Nikolaj is from Denmark and he taught me a danish word to describe this. Hygge (pronounced “hYOOguh”) translates to “cozy” but connotes much more. It’s a word that belongs in a home of candles and family and comfort food, drinking coffee, having conversation and cuddling your pup under the covers on a cold day. I want to live with this word everyday.

And so, this word also makes me wonder if you can just go somewhere and make it “hygge,” or what exactly gives us this feel? I just moved into a new home, or more so a cottage which would be in Eastern Europe, with vines growing around it, and creaky wooden floors. Upon arrival, it’s given me the coziest, hygge, atmosphere.

Not sure if this feel is present from the previous people who lived here, the architecture of the house, the pleasant scented candles in our living room, our tribal rug, the conversations which take place,  the old fashioned mugs in our adorable kitchen, or something else.

I think the actions one does in their home, also brings them hygge. The sound of the coffee beans grinding every morning, the song you hum while you brush your teeth, your routine before bed, being able to truly relax in your home.

When scrolling through my recent photos, these are the ones that say hygge to me:


(My niece, Leila. She’s now 10 days old and a princess)


Brian and I’s celebratory meal for him accepting an internship in Houston this summer.


Here’s the princess again


Cody attempting to help me knit a blanket for the baby




Blues on the green


my new room


random kitchen which I outline as my dream kitchen when I become an adult


cute family home


kids swinging in their yard








sunny days shining through my windows


kitty shuffling through my living room




Kindle which I got for free(thanks Esme). Immediately purchased fault in our stars, and cried for days. but it was great.


resting with mama


cody in his happy place


vox veniae, the new church i’ve been going to


studying at cherrywood


boiled potatoes and eggs for breakfast. with lots of olive oil. just like mama makes it.


wok n express’ chefs special soup


homeade latte with arabic


bandit and sunflowers


dogs at a lakehouse






friends and jams


dumplings. with lots of dough.


visitors from brazil.


my new home.

This is the hygge in my world. and although yours may be very different, I hope you’re able to find and cherish it.

I’ll be blogging alot more this summer. I’m nannying full time and got a writing job for a blog, so I’ll have much desire to express my creativity on here.




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Where Have I Been?

Nadeen here!

Jacques in a far away world of Florence, Italy and while I miss her dearly I’ll be spending my semester a little differently.

And while it is true that her life is way more exciting than mine at the moment, it’s still not an excuse as to why I haven’t been posting regularly.

I have learned that although I am extremely busy this semester, this blog is a tool I use to relax, and I need to start utilizing this more often.

Since we haven’t spoken in a while, I’ll briefly update you on all the new happenings in my life.

First off, I’m currently an intern at Refugee Services of Texas.

I’m absolutely in love with everything I do at this internship. It is alot of work, but it is also extremely rewarding. I get to use my arabic and spanish, while DIRECTLY helping families who just arrive in the US because of unfortunate events happening in their homeland.

I’m especially appreciative of this internship because of all the important life skills I’m gaining such as problem solving and multi tasking. We held our annual cycling fundraiser this weekend, where rode a 10 mile route to raise money for refugee and asylee families in Austin who are in need. I am thankful for all the sponsors that I had, and our whole nonprofit raised about $25,000 in total. which is absolutely amazing and one cannot even begin to imagine how directly helpful this money will be for so many families in Austin, TX.

The event was fun before and after the ride. There was yoga, breakfast tacos, live music, beer, and more. and it was at Yellow Bike Project! 

 photo 2 (1)

Second, I’ve taken this whole Face Painting thing to the next level and started my own mini business. 

I created some business cards, put up a few ads on craigslist, and have received a great response!

If you’d like to book me for a party, you can email me at


So these are all the “important,” productive, life factors in my life.

Other than that, I’ve really been enjoying myself and learning how precious time is, and instead of blabbering away you can see some highlights in photos. (I got the new iphone 5s for christmas, so my photos are way better quality now 🙂 )


^^my new room


I made Arrepas (venezuelan meal) for the boysIMG_2497

their faces show the deliciousness IMG_2516

We put up a hammock in the hall of our house, but of course it’s only for cody 😉IMG_2609

Made candles at home! It was fun but really messy and alot of work. IMG_2614

Gotta have a strong man to cut up all the wax so it can melt properly IMG_2621

Taaaa-daaaaa! They smelled delightful. One of our housemates got a lil wild with mixing scents and she ended up throwing hers away cause it smelled like puke. (oops)

My man and I went on a sweet little getaway over MLK weekend. (thanks groupon getaway for making it affordable)

The weather was perfect! IMG_2685


I cook for my house every Thursday, and I want to start updating you all on what we cook cause it’s been great and unique this semester! Here are our chicken and bean enchiladas con mucho queso IMG_2718

This has been the coldest winter in TX that I can ever remember. 3 snow days so far, including tomorrow! (that’s the real reason why I’m blogging :)) And as tortuous as it’s been to deal with this freezing weather (continuous nights in layers of clothes drinking hot tea and cuddling – it’s actually not so bad), I’ve been happy cause I get to wear this monkey hat my brother gave me a few years ago. IMG_2780

A few days ago, when I started this post,  I couldn’t remember how the sun looked like or how I could even begin to fathom to pull out some shorts, so that’s why I wanted to post this photo from the week before. a day of beautiful sunshine all day, cause I wanted to go back to that day in the grass.^^^^^^

Last weekend, we went to a wild child show here in Austin, where they were shooting their music video. It was at the coolest house I’ve ever been to. You be the judge by the looks of these photos.




(sign waiver to jump on this trampoline ^^)IMG_2825

play some chess IMG_2828

smoke machines!! IMG_2831


and we were in the front row 🙂IMG_2847

after the show, arrakis had our around the world. where we go from room to room and engage in some activity. my room was carnival themed. we played twister and drank some cotton candy stuff with obnoxious music in the background. it was great and unfortunately there were no photos taken. One of my housemates, Nick, put all our spare mattresses in the dining room and made this his room designated for wrestling matches. IMG_2872

So that’s how my life has been. No complaining here, I always say I consider myself a pretty lucky girl.

I promise you all ONE blog post a week, with more detailed descriptions of life and there are lots of concerts coming up that I will photograph and talk about with you all.

I also have been crafting a lot more, and I want to document that as well.

Thanks to everyone who reads, it means so much. and let’s all say how much we miss jacqueline. I shall live vicariously through her by eating pasta everyday 😉


Nadeen Abou-Hossa

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