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It’s winter break.

I’ve always thought: yeah it’s break time to partay, go wild, and what not. But now I consider myself SOMEWHAT more mature and SOMEWHAT of an adult. and I notice that no, break is actually for:

1. Sleeping.




Well…in all actuality, the reason I wanted to spend the majority of my break sleeping at the beginning of break is because I had lost my eyeglasses and was literally blind. I felt like an old woman and my friends had to drive me around and read me items off of menus at restaurants.

The missing eyeglasses are still a mystery, but I was able to order some new ones from , which I would recommend to anyone. You browse their tremendous selection of trendy glasses, choose 5 you like, and for FREE, they’ll send you those 5 as samples in the mail, you try them on, send them back, and can order 5 more samples, or order the one you liked! I gave them my eye doctor’s number and they were able to get my prescription and do all the work for me. With expedited shipping, I got my glasses 3 days later, taadaa!


With every pair you buy, they give a pair to a person in need! Which is something so beneficial to the needy. Glasses are so expensive nowadays.

2. Reading (currently reading Fast Times in Palestine because of my future hopes to take a solo trip to The West Bank this summer, cross your fingers).

3. Getting ahead on all your projects you left behind.


I started face painting as a side weekend job, not only is this GREAT money, but I’m also seeing it as a side project to express my creativity. I always think it’s creepy to take photos of the kids I work on at birthday parties, so instead I practice on friends and use them as my porfolio.





Another little project I took on this break was this gift I made for a friend for christmas. I bought the texas stand at a thrift shop, and used my collection of beer bottle tops over the year, and hot glued them on. No repeats of the caps!


4. Applying for internships/jobs.

5. Cooking/eating every single thing that is in your vision.

My boyfriend’s family is in Dallas, so I spent my first week of break there. We ate so much….but he also picked up this wonderful hobby of juicing. He made me plenty of this deliciousness which is purely veggies and fruits ūüôā


His mom taught me how to make lots of their traditional Venezuelan foods.

These are Arrepas, you can open them up and stuff them with any meat and cheese you prefer. Similar to a Gyro.


This is Pan De Jamon. It was a long process to make but well worth it. Dough with ham, turkey, olives, and raisins in it. The contrasting flavors make your mouth water with every bite.


6. Watching TV, even though it makes you feel lazy. relax your brain.

I watched the first whole season of Showtime’s, Masters of Sex in the first few days of break. SO GOOD. and so different from anything you’ve ever seen before. A show on human sexuality set in the 1950s, topped with lots of typical exaggerated drama. Yum.

7. Not looking back on finals, or grades, or ANYTHING school related.

Just think about all the great times you have enjoyed this semester. 



Here’s a little bit of what I did in Dallas. The city showed me way more than I expected, next destination of the break is Grandmas House in good ol’ Brownsville, TX. Then my H-Town Houston Hood.

My Christmas Gift from Brian was this Free People Skirt ‚̧ , as much as I love that clothing brand, I can just never afford it. Good job boyfriend ūüôā


My cousin Antonia lives in Dallas as well, so she joined us for the day. IMG_2025

In front of the Dallas Art Museum which is completely FREE. Everyday. IMG_2060

It’s a little north of Austin, so the climate is completely different, and the trees and leaves and all were such beautiful colors.


The Venezuelan becoming a true American. This was in Deep Ellum, pretty much the sixth street of Austin. We stopped at one bar and had the juiciest burger. And Brian enjoyed what WAS a delicious IPA, until he found out it was $8 for one glass…IMG_2054

We all spent the evening in Highland Park Village. This shopping center and whole area was like a touristy museum attraction to me, because you get to see the luxurious, glamorous, lifestyle these people breathe everyday. Seeing their different world was cool, but made me appreciative of my own. But their christmas lights were pretty and that was all we really cared about! IMG_2057

My last night there, we went to the Fort Worth Stockyards, where you get a taste of True Texas. I felt eyeballed for not having my cowboy boots on.


With many restaurants, all being steakhouses….we decided to partake in the festivities.



Happy Holidays! Smile, eat, don’t feel so guilty about splurging on gifts a little, and if you want a mix of Christmas Jams, you can search me on spotify and I have created a wonderful¬†Vurry Murry Christmas¬†playlist.


Nadeen Abou-Hossa


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Wild Child

I am making it a homework assignment to blog.

I want to stay committed to this because I love the feeling when we get a ton of views and when friends tell me “I read what you posted last night!” It makes me feel like wow, my life IS kinda cool. Ya know?

Before I moved to Austin, my brother lived here, and he would always tell me how excited he was for me to get here cause he just KNEW that I was going to love it. Based on my taste of music, fashion, hobbies, and so on. He thought I’d fit in well with this “hip” culture.

When I got here last year, I was so overwhelmed with the Austin lifestyle and new school and people, it took me a while to adjust. I always felt like I was left out on something going on the city and I wanted so badly to be in this loop of music and the spots to get the best cup of coffee and coolest dog parks and such.

The first Austin band that I started listening to was Wild Child. I saw one of their videos on my news feed on facebook, clicked on it, and instantly fell in love. It was so many sounds, with such genuine lyrics. Unlike anything I had ever heard before. I thought it was so cool to listen to something constantly that none of my friends back home knew of. And to listen to words that people my age, in my own city, wrote. I could relate so well.

This was the first I had ever heard of them. The song¬†Pillow Talk¬†is similar to much of their other music because if you were to just listen to the lyrics and analyze them, it’s really depressing. But they pair their harsh words ¬†with the happy sounds of a ukelele and catchy melodies. Which to me, is life itself. Life gets shitty, alot, but it’s the little happy things that ¬†cover these dampers up, and get us to move on. And keep on living.

Everyone in Austin will tell you they’ve seen Wild Child perform a million times. Which is probably true, but this doesn’t make me any less excited whenever they announce a new show. This past Friday they played at one of my favorite Austin venues,¬†Moody Theater.¬†


This place just makes me feel so classy and chic. With the greatest view when you look off the balcony, and the music sounds so clear and beautiful inside.




Kelsey, you have the most mesmerizing voice. And YOU, only you, could pull off that dress. Keep doing what you’re doing.


IMG_1279Another Austin band,¬†Holiday Mountain,¬†got on stage with them to perform their new single,¬†Crazy Bird.¬†Let me tell ya, this song is my jam. It’s more pop-y than the rest of their new album, but it only takes one listen, just one, ¬†to find yourself playing it every time you get in the car.


Things started to get a little wild when Ben Kweller got on stage. One thing led to another, and soon it was a dance party. I looked around and half the crowd had left my side to get on there with them. IMG_1283

Friday night was beautiful. They sounded remarkable and they looked so happy. Watching a band you love have fun, makes it more worth it to continue to support them. I’ve been listening to their new album¬†The Runaround on repeat since it came out on spotify last week. And I am not nearly close to being sick of it yet. GO LISTEN.

I end this post with a photo of some sunflowers I took at the store yesterday. I’ve been obsessed with yellow lately, and I seized this photo opportunity mainly because yesterday was so rainy and gloomy, walking into the grocery and seeing this at the entrance put a huge smile on my face.


“Could you imagine a place where fields and flowers made of space and stars like your eyes, shine both day and night.” ¬†¬†-Wild Child¬†


(still not completely in the Austin music scene but has accepted that no one will really ever be),

Nadeen Abou-Hossa

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There’ll be Love wherever you go

My first time to Austin city limits —Jacqueline
My second time to Austin city limits— nadeen

Friday started off great with sunshine and a full bagel breakfast sandwich.
When finally ready, yes it takes SWEET time to get ready for a festival, nadeen, her boyfriend Brian and Trent and I biked down through the beautiful city to zilker park.
Friday afternoon was a beautiful picture, sunshine, in the grass listening to the beautiful sounds of local natives, and then dancing our butts off at vampire weekend. They blew our socks off! Literally I rubbed holes in mine!!





Then muse started, Brian’s dream and things got steamy…



Welp those are all the photos from Friday because we had one phone… Mine, and I left it at the park Friday night, just hanging out in the grass it slept.
Saturday morning started to a great start with a phone call from my phone saying it was found! (Secretly enjoyed not having it… Shhhh)

Saturday we saw: grimes, passion out, Kendrick Lamar, and I’m sure I’m missing someone in here… Then the cure! The cure brought it for the new weather! It got so chilly we needed sweaters, luckily we looked in advance.
Kids with their technology these days…
OHH and Brian got a Venezuelan flag! (EAsily recognize able, thanks b! )







Sunday: the best and final day. As some of you may heard… The second weekend Sunday got cancelled, so I am incredibly sorry to those who missed it.
The weather could not have been sweeter
The day we saw: MS MR (MS is so awesome!), Noah and the whale, not did they surprise me, but the last song had the 4 of us dancing around together in a circle, and I wondered why I couldn’t be that happy every day, then we saw some grouplooooove which we were definitely feeling. Followed by franz Ferdinand and finally PHEONIX.
I have to say… I am incredibly tired of PHEONIX, BUT I FELL IN LOVE. We were sooooo impressed, we laughed, we danced, we cried, and had a really really really good time.
Jk about the crying…. But I may have shed one. the weekend couldn’t have ended any better!








A disposables post will be soon to follow!
In the meantime we all crunch to come up with our Halloween costumes over the next couple weeks!
Any ideas for us?!?

—Jacqueline, approved and added by nadeen

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hashtag FPSF 2013

Hello wonderful boys and girls,

My life is so great! thanks for asking, how is yours?!

But really, everything is grand. I am the happiest I’ve been in a while, due to a list of things. One of which being that I was able to go back to my hometown this past weekend for a music festival and see all the people I adore oh so much.

I love the city I live in, Austin is perfect for Nadeen. You all know this. But the feeling I get when I am driving back home to Houston, the comfort that goes through my body when I am driving down 610 South. I hope this feeling never fades.

This may seem selfish and annoying of me. But before I left to Houston, I made a list of the people I really ACTUALLY wanted to see, and I made a list of the few places I wanted to go. I have the tendency to want to please everyone else in the world except for myself, and I made sure I would not do this on my short getaway. One of my top priorities on this list was going to eat at the bagel shop with one my favorite people in the whole wide world.


Lexy and I have the common hobby of eating. We love to eat, so much. And I love her because she is one of the few girls I know who doesn’t feel guilty about it. We are proud to say that we spend 80% of our lives searching for the next place to dine.

While in Houston, I was also able to reconnect with a very very, very old friend. His name is Erik. Erik and I had the height of our friendship about 5 years ago, and unfortunately lost touch since then. However, the comforting part of this story was that hanging out with him was exactly the same that it was before. Don’t you love people like this? Genuine people. Who stay true to themselves, and don’t just adjust to what others want them to be. Erik has been doing really cool things with his life, and in a few weeks he is going to hike the Appalachian Trail. I honor his appreciation for nature. He just started a blog where he will update us on these adventures! Go add this to your bookmarks and watch this goofball discover more and more everyday ūüôā


Now on to the reason I went back home, Summerfest. Music festivals are always fun, but when you’re listening to a great song, dancing, and you look around to see your best friends dancing and smiling with you, it’s the greatest, most unexplainable feeling. I wasn’t a huge fan of the lineup this year, but these guys made it all the best.


This is Mr. Harrison. I heart him with all my heart. Such a positive and happy friend. No need to complain bout a thang in life. Oh, and he’s hilarious. You should get to know him.IMG_5874

Jacque in front of the crowd. We didn’t think it was possible for them to fit this many people at summerfest….so pretty much, if you’re claustrophobic, this is not the place for you.IMG_5875

photo 4

It was effing hot! This was halfway into my transformation of becoming a lobster. Or perhaps, my true latina side actually starting to come out. IMG_5877

From the joy you see in their faces, you can tell something beautiful had just happened. (Hint: the box of beer)

Everyone enjoys each others company so much. Have you ever seen such big smiles? Doubt it.

My favorite show of the weekend was The Postal Service. I never thought I’d be able to see them live, and their music takes me back to my awkward days as a freshman in high school. I was sad that I would have to see them alone because most of my other friends went to see Calvin Harris who was playing at the same time. Then I found THE BEST people to see them with. These two guys appreciated their music as much as I did, and I love them for that.



Okay, so if there were a section of craigslist where you could search for a partner in crime to take with you to a music festival, or anywhere, this guy would be the #1 candidate. I kid you not, when I say he DOES NOT stop dancing. And singing. And laughing. And may I add, that it is so contagious. IMG_5892

And this leads him to stand out from the rest of the crowd, and find old friends! (Typically, it’s impossible to find anyone at summerfest because you get no signal and its so loud, etc etc)


And then we find this guy, Mitchell. Who we love and resent at the same time because he managed to get into the festival by trading his harmonica and a magnifying glass to a security guard at the entrance. While the rest of us used our precious money to save up and go. But all is well, because really, this kind of stuff only happens to Mitchell, and I believe it’s because of the generous man that he is, asking nothing in return. What goes around comes around.

And then we dance….

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Summerfest, you sure did treat me well. And I dream of the next time I will see your face again.

Till next time,


Nadeen Abou-Hossa

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SXSW 2013

Hello loves, Nadeen AND Jacqueline here! We have been together for the past week and it has been the greatest. Today is a sad day, because all of our fun is about to be over and Jacque is about to go back to San Antonio. Instead of crying about this, we will blog about it and remember all the great times we had! This was our first south by south west ever!

Tip #1 for all you newbies: Making a set hour by hour schedule WILL NOT WORK. Play it day by day and it will all work well. HOWEVER: remember you CANNOT do everything. It is impossible to make it to every show, so you should figure out the ones you are dying to go to, and allow yourself travel time plus line time. Luckily we made it to all the artists we were dying to see, however we missed a few that we planned on seeing.

DAY 1: Waterloo Records and Spiderhouse.: All week, Waterloo Records on 6th and Lamar had free shows. I was confused when I first found out about this, because I didn’t understand how they’d be able to accommodate all the crazy hooligans in the streets. However, it worked out perfect. We grabbed lunch across the street at whole foods, sat on the patio and listened to the angelic voices of Tegan and Sara. A salad later, we decided to join the crowd for Macklemore.

We had to kinda linger behind the fence for a while like stoop kids on the street, we finally decided to stack on shoulders and move our way backwards. We got around to the back gate and surprisingly it was still open! But we still didn’t end up that close.. Macklemore has so much energy on stage that even far away we could see him bouncing around having so much fun.


I had fun too!





Tip #2: Always keep in contact with friends who are traveling around the city, they may guide you to a MUCH cooler show than the one you are heading to.

Day 2: WOODIE AWARDS. Our group relied on the bus to travel around Austin (sometimes helpful, sometimes not) because its pretty cheap and you won’t have to walk 10 miles. But we still had to walk a lot downtown. On the bus I got a text from a friend about the MTV Woodie awards, the most important words that I got in that text were “FREE, ALT-J, TEGAN AND SARA, FREE BOOZE” So while on the bus we rerouted and headed down to that. The line did not look very promising but it moved so quickly and before we knew it we were noming on free hibiscus popsickles listening to Atlas Genius.

This is what the MTV Woodie Awards included: Free entry, free beer, free mixed drinks, free doritos, free condoms, free sunglasses, free water + soda, free BBQ (we are vegetarian but they still had good options for us!), and free goodies.

Music included: The Lonely Biscuits ( I met them! we have friends in common because they are college students!) Jake Bugg, HAIM, Atlas Genius, Alt-J, Tegan and Sara, Macklemore, 21 Pilots, Zedd, and rappers named Travis Scott, Trinidad James, and T.I. showed up too!







^High School Hometown Friends!^


^The Lonely Biscuits (From Belmont University) ^ They won best college band of the year by MTV


Day 3: At this point, we were exhausted. As much as we wanted to just lounge around the apartment with the doggies, we fueled ourselves with coffee and eggs, and headed back onto downtown. I’ve recently been obsessed with wild child. This Austin based indie folk band was by far the best live show I’ve seen in a while. Their combination of instruments flowed so well and they all seemed to be a big happy family. I’ve been trying to catch a show the whole week and finally was able to get to this one at Shiner’s Saloon. (Jacque: I was REALLY scared we were going to miss it then we would have to all cry in the street)




This was the first day that we were actually able to meet some of our idols. After the show, we found the keyboardist of wild child, exchanged some words, where he redirected us to our next location. One minute after this exchange, we happen to notice wild child’s van. As the obnoxious fan that I am, I yell out how much I love them while Jacque silently smiles (I get really really nervous around people I want to meet). We react to these situations very differently. AND THEN, after I am recovering from this, we see alt-J in the street.



These foreigners told me how ecstatic they were to be in Austin and were nice enough to accept a photo with us. I was all smiles after being serenaded by their beautiful accents.

The only set plans we had for Austin was to see our friends shows on Friday night. I (Jacque) have some great friends from Houston I have gotten to know over the years, and Nadeen has slowly gotten to know them, along with our other friends and after staying with them in New Orleans we feel like one big happy family.

The show was at this awesome guy named Will’s house (THANKS WILL) and the setup was : My Fathers Rifle (NOLA), ArchAnimals (NOLA), Growl (ATX), and Donovan Wolfington (NOLA). We happened to know pretty much every person playing so it was the best way to end a sunny evening. As the beer started to sink in to peoples stomachs and the sun was setting absolutely every body was groovin.










These bands bring so much energy that you absolutely cannot stand still during their shows.


After the shows ended we walked to East Side King’s where we got some delicious squid ink ramen noodles! I stumbled into this place after a show at hole in the wall and was amazed at the unique conjunctions they make with my childhood ramen. Jacqueline and I felt extremely adventurous trying out this meal.



Tomorrow marks the day we teleport back into reality, homework calls our names, as well as a full nights rest. SXSW has felt like the longest and best dream we have had in a while. Even though sxsw is over, the good music still continues in this great city all the time, so life is always good. Be on the lookout for our NOLA post.



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March 16, 2013 · 4:50 pm


Hi I know nadeen just posted but I want to put a few events coming up in SATX especially since a few are tomorrow!

Thursday 2/28
– a clockwork orange FILM at the McKnay museum on Austin hwy at 6:30 pm FREE

– the machine project lecture by mark Allen who is an artist from LA and he has a lecture at 6:30 at Trinty University in Northrop hall room 040. Following is a performance art piece and gallery opening in dicke/smith next door
—- I went to a workshop the machine project hosted today and will post all about it soon! It’s quite MACHsyterious

– KICKBALL at brackenridge softball fields at 7 pm! It is free and is an open house type thing for a league so if you are interested in joining the league grab some beer and come play!

Friday 3/1

– FIRST FRIDAYS all over southtown. Open art galleries, artists houses, craft booths, street buskin, etc. free as always but not if you wanna buy something… Usually around 5-10 pm

– donation yoga: AC power yoga on broadway 4 pm $5 donation

– deer vibes & girl in a coma show! Great local bands playing for free at j&o’s but sorry it is 21+ only.

Saturday 3/2

– print fair at the McKnay museum from 10-5 go get some cool prints for sale!

– farmers market at the pearl brewery! 9-1

– another deer vibes show! This time with sick/sea and island & tigers and it is all ages woohoo! It’s al the 1011


– print fair again from 12-5

– donation yoga: southtown yoga lifts on s. st Mary’s in southtown 6pm and $5 donation.

That’s all for now! Stay groovy



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Foxygen, UMO

I feel like it has been a while, but I guess it hasn’t been too long. Haven’t done too much exciting stuff anyway.. HOWEVER, I did go to Austin on this last Wednesday to see nadeen!

My class schedule was pretty light and the station I host for ( gave me free tickets to see Wampire, foxygen, and unknown mortal orchestra at the Mohawk!

So I took nadeen with me on a post valentines day date and we spent the night listening to GREAT music!










Nadeen has a friend named Kevin, she wrote about his band in a previous post! (Mother merey and the black dirt) but he just got a baby pig! So we went to play with it!


Meet apa, apa likes to snort and chew on things like hair



When I woke up in the morning nadeen had left for class already but I managed to take full advantage of the apartment and got to make myself breakfast!


Sadly I had to head back to Satx so soon but I enjoyed my quick visit! I get to see her again in two weeks for spring break when we head to New Orleans!

Check out the indie station blog, I wrote a post about the show


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Learning to Love

Recently, I’ve been focusing on the importance of showing my love to others. Everyone in my life is special to me and I want them to know it each and everyday.

You know those people who are constantly just feeding compliments and seem as if they’re in their own little la la world. That’s not what I mean.


I’ve been showing love through giving. Giving my time and attention to my best friends. Being consistent. Asking for more. Laughing.

All that good stuff. I promise you end up receiving more than you gave in the beginning.

this photo serves as an example of my theory.


Anywhoo, enough of the mushiness, MY LIFE IS SO BUSY.

I’m currently:

  1. Applying for internships
  2. A part time nanny
  3. Taking an intensive 6 hour arabic course
  4. Somewhat trying to start my own business (you’ll hear more soon)
  5. Aiming for a 4.0 so I can get into McCombs Business School
  6. Practicing Bikram Yoga again
  7. Going through training to become a young life leader
  8. Rebuilding friendships
  9. Trying to keep my sanity

While I would love to show you all of these current activities I’m engaging in, I don’t want to bore you. Here is a quick recap.

I went on a cruise to cozumel at the beginning of this month



I started off my semester by going on a hike at Barton Creek Greenbelt with my best friends




I’ve been adventuring out into the city. Every weekend I try and go somewhere new. I swear there will never be a boring day in Austin.




I’ve been experiencing a sense of independence that I’ve never had to think about before. It’s odd and can be uncomfortable, but I love it. Feeling accomplished and constantly thirsty for more.

“It’s a luscious mix of words and tricks that let us bet when you know we should fold.” ¬†-The Shins



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I like to consider myself a nice person who is 96% unjudgemental (4% because I am a human..) however, right now I cannot handle people who complain about San Antonio.
I regularly hear “gosh, there is NOTHING to do in San Antonio.” Or ” Everything that happens in Austin is so much cooler than San Antonio.”
Let me tell you all, San Antonio has a lot to offer, you might have noticed if you read this regularly…

So far, my favorite event is Artslam. You should read the SAcurrent if you want to know about these events.

This years artslam was conveniently at the White Rabbit which is down the street from my school! It is a giant live art showcase with local bands, DJs and artists. There are always featured artists so this years from New York was Buff Monster and two others I can’t remember…


Finished piece :




Jordan. Hehe

One thing to know about the White Rabbit is that it is already covered in graffiti! It’s a really badass building on the outside and pretty extensive on the inside, but they painted a whole stretch of wall white for the featured artists to lay it down


This guy was EXTRAORDINARY! He was the most talented spray paint artist I’ve ever seen. He made this while we watched and it was incredibly detailed and looked like a PHOTO by free handing spray paint. Here is my friend Will with the finished piece… He was quite a fan of this fictionous woman.



Trio reunited.


Buff monster.



Bands who played: JAPANTHER (awesome pop punk band), the lastnighters, pop pistol, and some others. My favorite was deervibes!
They are a local band who are huge, in number I mean. Possibly 12 people on stage…? Including a tuba, violin and trumpet. Out come some awesome sounds.

^the lastnighters

Okay my favorite part of the night. zombie make up. We walked by a booth that seemed to have some strange things around it.. Like x men characters and film noir guns. This woman was in a chair and had some interesting make up on so we approached and watched for a while.

Beautiful right? Oddly, she still looked really pretty.
3 hours later…


Mmm yeah not so pretty anymore..


We talked to them for a bit and learned that she has a clothing line and hired him for a photo shoot, they became fast friends and now she regularly gets zombified by him. They went to the walking dead convention, and afterwards out for hamburgers in full makeup. Ordered a brain burger.





Trio reunited looking real cute…

Saturday night well spent NOT with the rest of the school at a country western concert.


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Life Within Itself

Hello lovelies!

This girl is quite content with her life right now.

Last weekend, I was able to reunite with all my best friends. We all had our last fun before a week of studying.


44728_175376552608382_1473288913_n (1)

We went to watch one of our favorite rappers, G-Eazy.

For a little over a year, my friends and I have been listening to this rapper/songwriter/producer . Our friend Al showed him to us, and eventually we were all hooked. This young man is incredibly talented. He takes 60’s pop songs and remixes them for a beat, AND he writes all his own music. Anything and everything you hear is entirely him.

photo 2

I was fortunate enough to have a moment with him during the show and get some pictures with him after. I’ve never had a personal experience with a celebrity before, so this really got to me. I was definitely a happy camper.

photo 3

My next week consisted of…studying…studying…and COFFEE. Literally lived at¬†Dolce Vita espresso and gelato. Bottomless coffee for a few bucks, heaters out in the cold weather, good music, and friendly people. Twas a great way to prepare for finals.¬†

photo 4

After knocking out all my exams, I knew I would need to repay myself with an amazing weekend. Which is exactly what I did. Friday night I went to¬†Shine Studios¬†to watch¬†Mother Merey and The Black Dirt,¬†the band I told ya’ll about last week. If you’re looking into becoming more festive this season, they just released a christmas album called A Dirty Christmas. I’m obsessed with their version of Silent Night, go take a listen!

Saturday night I went out to downtown with my favorite twins. I’ve been friends with these guys FOREVER and it was really nice to be able to hang out like old times…but in a totally different setting.

photo 5

I ended my weekend at my sister-in-law’s dance performance at¬†The Boys and Girls Club.¬†She was incredible, and look at her fabulous costume! (something I would wear on any normal day)

photo (8)

When I’m this busy, I tend to lack appreciation. So I want to take a moment to soak this all in. I am so thankful for all the great opportunities being presented in my life right now.

“every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” -semisonic

Happy Holidays!


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