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Where Have I Been?

Nadeen here!

Jacques in a far away world of Florence, Italy and while I miss her dearly I’ll be spending my semester a little differently.

And while it is true that her life is way more exciting than mine at the moment, it’s still not an excuse as to why I haven’t been posting regularly.

I have learned that although I am extremely busy this semester, this blog is a tool I use to relax, and I need to start utilizing this more often.

Since we haven’t spoken in a while, I’ll briefly update you on all the new happenings in my life.

First off, I’m currently an intern at Refugee Services of Texas.

I’m absolutely in love with everything I do at this internship. It is alot of work, but it is also extremely rewarding. I get to use my arabic and spanish, while DIRECTLY helping families who just arrive in the US because of unfortunate events happening in their homeland.

I’m especially appreciative of this internship because of all the important life skills I’m gaining such as problem solving and multi tasking. We held our annual cycling fundraiser this weekend, where rode a 10 mile route to raise money for refugee and asylee families in Austin who are in need. I am thankful for all the sponsors that I had, and our whole nonprofit raised about $25,000 in total. which is absolutely amazing and one cannot even begin to imagine how directly helpful this money will be for so many families in Austin, TX.

The event was fun before and after the ride. There was yoga, breakfast tacos, live music, beer, and more. and it was at Yellow Bike Project! 

 photo 2 (1)

Second, I’ve taken this whole Face Painting thing to the next level and started my own mini business. 

I created some business cards, put up a few ads on craigslist, and have received a great response!

If you’d like to book me for a party, you can email me at nadeenabouhossa@yahoo.com


So these are all the “important,” productive, life factors in my life.

Other than that, I’ve really been enjoying myself and learning how precious time is, and instead of blabbering away you can see some highlights in photos. (I got the new iphone 5s for christmas, so my photos are way better quality now 🙂 )


^^my new room


I made Arrepas (venezuelan meal) for the boysIMG_2497

their faces show the deliciousness IMG_2516

We put up a hammock in the hall of our house, but of course it’s only for cody 😉IMG_2609

Made candles at home! It was fun but really messy and alot of work. IMG_2614

Gotta have a strong man to cut up all the wax so it can melt properly IMG_2621

Taaaa-daaaaa! They smelled delightful. One of our housemates got a lil wild with mixing scents and she ended up throwing hers away cause it smelled like puke. (oops)

My man and I went on a sweet little getaway over MLK weekend. (thanks groupon getaway for making it affordable)

The weather was perfect! IMG_2685


I cook for my house every Thursday, and I want to start updating you all on what we cook cause it’s been great and unique this semester! Here are our chicken and bean enchiladas con mucho queso IMG_2718

This has been the coldest winter in TX that I can ever remember. 3 snow days so far, including tomorrow! (that’s the real reason why I’m blogging :)) And as tortuous as it’s been to deal with this freezing weather (continuous nights in layers of clothes drinking hot tea and cuddling – it’s actually not so bad), I’ve been happy cause I get to wear this monkey hat my brother gave me a few years ago. IMG_2780

A few days ago, when I started this post,  I couldn’t remember how the sun looked like or how I could even begin to fathom to pull out some shorts, so that’s why I wanted to post this photo from the week before. a day of beautiful sunshine all day, cause I wanted to go back to that day in the grass.^^^^^^

Last weekend, we went to a wild child show here in Austin, where they were shooting their music video. It was at the coolest house I’ve ever been to. You be the judge by the looks of these photos.




(sign waiver to jump on this trampoline ^^)IMG_2825

play some chess IMG_2828

smoke machines!! IMG_2831


and we were in the front row 🙂IMG_2847

after the show, arrakis had our around the world. where we go from room to room and engage in some activity. my room was carnival themed. we played twister and drank some cotton candy stuff with obnoxious music in the background. it was great and unfortunately there were no photos taken. One of my housemates, Nick, put all our spare mattresses in the dining room and made this his room designated for wrestling matches. IMG_2872

So that’s how my life has been. No complaining here, I always say I consider myself a pretty lucky girl.

I promise you all ONE blog post a week, with more detailed descriptions of life and there are lots of concerts coming up that I will photograph and talk about with you all.

I also have been crafting a lot more, and I want to document that as well.

Thanks to everyone who reads, it means so much. and let’s all say how much we miss jacqueline. I shall live vicariously through her by eating pasta everyday 😉


Nadeen Abou-Hossa


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It’s winter break.

I’ve always thought: yeah it’s break time to partay, go wild, and what not. But now I consider myself SOMEWHAT more mature and SOMEWHAT of an adult. and I notice that no, break is actually for:

1. Sleeping.




Well…in all actuality, the reason I wanted to spend the majority of my break sleeping at the beginning of break is because I had lost my eyeglasses and was literally blind. I felt like an old woman and my friends had to drive me around and read me items off of menus at restaurants.

The missing eyeglasses are still a mystery, but I was able to order some new ones from http://www.warbyparker.com , which I would recommend to anyone. You browse their tremendous selection of trendy glasses, choose 5 you like, and for FREE, they’ll send you those 5 as samples in the mail, you try them on, send them back, and can order 5 more samples, or order the one you liked! I gave them my eye doctor’s number and they were able to get my prescription and do all the work for me. With expedited shipping, I got my glasses 3 days later, taadaa!


With every pair you buy, they give a pair to a person in need! Which is something so beneficial to the needy. Glasses are so expensive nowadays.

2. Reading (currently reading Fast Times in Palestine because of my future hopes to take a solo trip to The West Bank this summer, cross your fingers).

3. Getting ahead on all your projects you left behind.


I started face painting as a side weekend job, not only is this GREAT money, but I’m also seeing it as a side project to express my creativity. I always think it’s creepy to take photos of the kids I work on at birthday parties, so instead I practice on friends and use them as my porfolio.





Another little project I took on this break was this gift I made for a friend for christmas. I bought the texas stand at a thrift shop, and used my collection of beer bottle tops over the year, and hot glued them on. No repeats of the caps!


4. Applying for internships/jobs.

5. Cooking/eating every single thing that is in your vision.

My boyfriend’s family is in Dallas, so I spent my first week of break there. We ate so much….but he also picked up this wonderful hobby of juicing. He made me plenty of this deliciousness which is purely veggies and fruits 🙂


His mom taught me how to make lots of their traditional Venezuelan foods.

These are Arrepas, you can open them up and stuff them with any meat and cheese you prefer. Similar to a Gyro.


This is Pan De Jamon. It was a long process to make but well worth it. Dough with ham, turkey, olives, and raisins in it. The contrasting flavors make your mouth water with every bite.


6. Watching TV, even though it makes you feel lazy. relax your brain.

I watched the first whole season of Showtime’s, Masters of Sex in the first few days of break. SO GOOD. and so different from anything you’ve ever seen before. A show on human sexuality set in the 1950s, topped with lots of typical exaggerated drama. Yum.

7. Not looking back on finals, or grades, or ANYTHING school related.

Just think about all the great times you have enjoyed this semester. 



Here’s a little bit of what I did in Dallas. The city showed me way more than I expected, next destination of the break is Grandmas House in good ol’ Brownsville, TX. Then my H-Town Houston Hood.

My Christmas Gift from Brian was this Free People Skirt ❤ , as much as I love that clothing brand, I can just never afford it. Good job boyfriend 🙂


My cousin Antonia lives in Dallas as well, so she joined us for the day. IMG_2025

In front of the Dallas Art Museum which is completely FREE. Everyday. IMG_2060

It’s a little north of Austin, so the climate is completely different, and the trees and leaves and all were such beautiful colors.


The Venezuelan becoming a true American. This was in Deep Ellum, pretty much the sixth street of Austin. We stopped at one bar and had the juiciest burger. And Brian enjoyed what WAS a delicious IPA, until he found out it was $8 for one glass…IMG_2054

We all spent the evening in Highland Park Village. This shopping center and whole area was like a touristy museum attraction to me, because you get to see the luxurious, glamorous, lifestyle these people breathe everyday. Seeing their different world was cool, but made me appreciative of my own. But their christmas lights were pretty and that was all we really cared about! IMG_2057

My last night there, we went to the Fort Worth Stockyards, where you get a taste of True Texas. I felt eyeballed for not having my cowboy boots on.


With many restaurants, all being steakhouses….we decided to partake in the festivities.



Happy Holidays! Smile, eat, don’t feel so guilty about splurging on gifts a little, and if you want a mix of Christmas Jams, you can search me on spotify and I have created a wonderful Vurry Murry Christmas playlist.


Nadeen Abou-Hossa

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