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Okay, I mentioned a while back that once I finished this disposable camera I would get it developed and post some pictures on the blog. I also found a random role of film that was used but I had NO idea what was on it or when it was from, I really was excited for this mysterious role and to see what was on it. So here are some pictures!


ImageImageI have no idea why that one is upside down… ^^^ its right side up on my computer..

ImageSo one of the frat parties at my school had a thrift store themed party…. I had to go.

ImageImageImageThis was from Ann Marie’s visit!

ImageImageImageImageImageWe love cruising the streets in the afternoons ^.^

ImageImageImage^ This was from the First Friday Pub Crawl (sadly I am not old enough to Pub Crawl) but it was halloween themed!

Image This was from the Animal Collective Concert ( Natalie, Emily, and I )




Now I also found that other roll, to my surprise it was some super old photos that I took of a friend named Alice. We were messing around in Montrose of Houston, and I decided to try double exposure with my film camera, actually ended up triple exposing some of these photos.


Tomorrow be on the look out for a new outfit of the day!



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