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Modern Housewife

Most people say Sunday is for laundry, but I say Sunday is for blogging. I haven’t done a recap type post in a while, so I guess it needs to be done. Its summer time and a lot has been going on!

This week was incredibly fun because there were two holidays! Gay Pride, and the 4th of July, I am so excited because that means only a few weeks until my birthday AND no work AND fireworks. So we went to my friend Mels house to watch the fireworks on his rooftop deck.


Soooo it was a beautiful view and the only picture I got was of the sunset… BUT fireworks are so pretty that I get mesmerized and I couldn’t be bothered to pull my phone out to snap pictures.


Gay Pride Parade was also last Saturday and boy was it a party



Some of the greatest costumes and characters come out during gay pride. It was also led by Annise Parker, who just may be the coolest mayor.

The week flew by and the next thing I knew it was the weekend again, and I was house sitting this weekend, so naturally there was a raging party and we destroyed the house. just kidding!

I was just thrilled to spend some time alone and to cook in a big ole kitchen!

Friday night I made pasta:

veggie pasta with


soy beef crumbles (delicious, and taste just like beef), spinach, diced onions, toasted pine nuts, cooked in olive oil, lemon juice and various random spices.


I have also really been trying to be super healthy this summer, so I created a new page on the blog called Healthy lifestyle, which will include healthy recipes I make, and maybe some fun workout stuff…just maybe…

So i included a salad at dinner:

Dark field greens, with craisins, feta cheese crumbles, and avocado slices with a cilantro lime dressing.

MMMMM, i’m starting to feel like a modern housewife.



Saturday night my friend Beth and I went to an arts market in the heights then to Coco’s Crepes on Grey. If you have not been there, i think it is a Houston must.

so now it is sunday, im on the couch working on some art work which has not happened in a while, so I am feeling good. I may be feeling new because I have been alone and relaxing, or because I got a new haircut… who knows.


ya like??!?!?!



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Version cookbook

It’s about time I started this, I told myself I would cook a lot when I came home, and I have, really! I just haven’t blogged about it… I’m ashamed because it all came out delicious, even if there were mishaps along the way.

A few things I have conquered are two pizzas, in the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink style, as well as vegetarian quesadillas, soy meat spaghetti, veggie tofu and rice medleys, and now I’m onto smoothies.

So today I decided would be a day I blog about my food:

This omelette contained spinach, red peppers, tomatoes that I sautéed and then poured two whole eggs over those. In the center I added white cheese and avocado slices before folding it over.

Oh my gosh it was beyond good, can’t you tell? It didn’t stay long on that plate before it was all in my belly.

I recently discovered in my pantry a Hamilton beach smoothie maker, a knock off version of a magic bullet but boy it works great!
So I have decided to start making myself some smoothies that taste delicious while getting my vitamins and proteins.

So lunch,
The problem with my smoothie recipes is I don’t measure things… Ever

So I combined some blueberries, peaches, half a banana, Raspberries, blackberries, Greek non fat yogurt, a spoonful of peanut butter, and surprise some KALE.


If you haven’t hoped on this kale bandwagon I suggest it. It’s delicious for salads, and if you put some in a smoothie you get vitamins but you can’t even taste it! What a trickster that kale is..

I hope to make more delicious things to show you soon!

—-Chef Jacqueline


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Today is the perfect morning to make a new post. It is pretty disgusting outside, cloudy, quiet, humid. Lets see how long it takes me to get out of my dark room today..

Well, I am sad to say this but my camera has had a lot of problems recently. I finally got it working again! Heads up though, these pictures are taken with my cell phone… so they are not too entirely fantastic.

I know that it seems like every time I go somewhere I end up at the pearl brewery, but that is because they have so many cool events going on and it is the perfect bike ride! Yesterday was the annual Tamale Festival and boy did they have tamales. They had so much fiesta decorations up that I felt like I was at a huge outdoor mexican party, lets be real though… that is kind of what it was. Every inch of the pearl was crawling with people stuffing their faces with tamales. I am pretty sure I could accurately draw a tamale from memory with full detail at this point. There was over 50 tamale stands wrapping the grounds of the pearl. They also had the farmers market running late so I got some yummy chocolate mint iced coffee.

Here are a few pictures:

One thing I certainly have started to appreciate more is architecture. The pearl has some very cool architecture. It was planned to have an old warehouse look but remain modern.








I especially love this picture above ^. This is one of the coolest hidden pieces at the pearl. It reminds me of my current final project for my sculpture class (pictures to come soon!)

There is also some residencies and shops at the pearl!



I found a very cool new shop at the pearl that just might be my favorite place ever. It is called Leighelena. After some research online I discovered that this is the designer for bracelets my sister sells at her work.



This is just a taste of some of the jewelry but this store also sells eclectic gifts, vintage clothing, art, and soooo much more. It really is a great place.




Well, now that finals are approaching and classes are ending I will either be incredibly busy or super bored. Hopefully I will finish my scarf before I go to Denver!

-More to come!


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Breaking Bad

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed this fabulous weekend. Here in Austin, we got some much needed rain!

My sundays usually consist of cleaning up, running errands, cooking, reading and any kind of relaxing. But of course, every Sunday night at 9PM, I make sure to keep an open hour for the new episode of Breaking Bad.

If you don’t watch, here’s a quick summary that’ll make you tune-in tonight. The show is the story of Walter White, an average high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer at the beginning of the series. Because of his terminal illness, he wants to secure his family’s financial future before he dies. Walt turns to a life of crime. He uses his science brains, pairs up with a former student, and what do they do? They start to produce and sell methamphetamine.

If you live in Austin, you have the pleasure of watching this show on the BIG SCREEN every sunday night when the new episode comes on. Head on over to Alamo Drafthouse Cinema! You may know of this cinema as the place where you can eat, drink a beer, and enjoy a movie all at once. This is true, but now you can add the highly addicting show breaking bad to that list too! Best part is, it’s completely FREE. Seats do fill up quite fast, so you can guarantee your spot by purchasing a $5 food & beverage voucher online.

It’ll be playing at the village, lake creek, slaughter lane, and S lamar theaters! You’ll find me at the S Lamar location at 10:15 tonight. Come join me!




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