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So much has happened I cannot believe my life.

I have not posted in a bit but that is because SO much has been going on! But I cannot complain because I have been having a blast. 

Here is adventure NUMERO UNO:

So I guess after Austin (labor day weekend) I ended up going hiking on Labor Day with some friends, we went to Government Canyon National Park. It was $6 a person… which we had no idea about until we got there but they have so much to do that we could not resist. We hiked for THREE hours. 

p.s. if you are really into dinosaurs apparently they have dinosaur tracks somewhere on their land!



This was this crazy HUGE spider we saw while hiking, he was about an inch and a half long! soooo huge and scary.



This was our first scenic lookout. Not too shabby for San Antonio. (I only took pictures at this lookout because the other wasn’t as nice.)


Hi that’s me and my boyfriend. 



Finally some pictures of myself, not that I am conceited!! But I am a photographer so I will most likely never be in the pictures unless I copy dena and makenzie (panchoandleftey.wordpress.com) and take lots of self timers, sadly I have not gained that much confidence yet… maybe one day soon!

ImageI Think we are pretty cute. 

That was a crazy fun day, especially since we got up at 6:30 and were back at school my 12:30 and people were JUST waking up. We felt so accomplished.

Adventuretime number two:

This morning we woke up and decided to go to the farmers market at the Pearl Brewery. (atpearl.com) If you do not know the Pearl Brewery and are in the San Antonio area it is a place to see. They have the aveda salon, culinary institute of america in which they have a bakery to sell their GLORIOUS food (pictured below), restaurants, shops, local book stores, etc. It is a wonderful place with events such as live music! 


A wonderful crepe place for breakfast! In the booth nextdoor they have chocolate-mint infused coffee. It might be my favorite coffee I have ever had.


Some friends eating crepes! 


Culinary Institute of America!!! Can’t you tell?! delicious….


Adventuretime number three:

First Fridays!

Again, if you do not know the King William district south of downtown better known as “southtown” you should explore more. Every first friday of the month they have an event called first fridays, heh get it? and it is an arts/music culture festival in the streets. There are booths and some artists creating art on the streets, restaurants and bars are open and most music venues have bands outside providing music. 



This is my friend Ben, I started going to first fridays with him about a year ago.

So we started at the Blue Star area, the Blue Star area has a brewery, art places, bars, and condos. It is so hip. We saw a band play at the brewery . Then we went inside to check out some art! It was a lot smaller than I thought but there was a couple of cool photos inside.




We decided to walk back to the area with the booths, not really sure of how to get there from blue star, a random school bus pulls up and tons of people are partying on it so we hoped on. I made a friend who was currently double fisting, he was pretty nice. Chris I think..


Finally we got dropped off at the booths and there is an artist who is outside the Mad hatters on S. Alamo, he is always there so be sure to check him out. He makes these cosmic art pictures with ONLY spraypaint, they are AMAZING. 

here he is working:



I am so happy to be back in San Antonio and get back into the culture.

Also! Update on my yoga class: it is awesome. 

Here are some events coming up in San Antonio:

  • Yoga at AC POWER YOGA: Fridays 4-5 EVERY week $5 donation that goes to an africa project. 
  • Yoga at LuLu Lemon in the Quarry every saturday at 9 am. Donation based I believe.

              — Tomorrow 9/9 there is an event for the africa project from 9:30-11:30 which is yoga plus an           educational video. 

  • Farmers Market at the Pearl every saturday from 9-1 
  • JumpStart theatre has an opening at Blue Star next week for their “Circa” show, I was told that it was about a mexican traveling circus and slightly interactive, sounds fun and I will definitely check it out!
  • Film Screening and discussion: Miss Representation at our lady of the lake university. This is a GREAT documentary. 5:30 pm 9/11
  • San Antoni Herb Society presents: Christa Emrick, 9/13 6:30 pm. San Antonio Garden Center. She is a raw food chef and will be speaking about Raw foods, so all you organic eating people should definitely check her out!

Another great place to check out for events is sacurrent.com

More to come soon





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