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Part austinite


So I have seen nadeen A LOT recently. And I can attest to the fact that life right now is great. For many a reasons:

-school is so awesome this semester, yes, I went there. But I love my classes… And pay for them so why complain?
-I have been able to cross a few things off my life check list that I slowly make up in my head
-I got a job! Yay for baked goods I sell! Come visit, BIRD bakery, noooomz.
-I have gotten to venture to Austin a lot, which contains many adventures in and of itself.

So that was a QUICK life update, but the real reason I’m posting this one is for nadeen. I know I’ve said that I always dedicate things to her but I truly get to appreciate her and her love more all the time. I have been visiting frequently and it’s different because she doesn’t live in the apartment anymore, but a house full of people. And by people, I should say great people (If any of you read this, you could be my favorite).

Every time I go to her house all of her housemates are incredibly welcoming and outgoing towards me. I have also gotten to know her boyfriend and their best friend very well.
All I can say is she deserves this.
Just gonna say how great THEY ARE. They always make sure we have fun when I am in town.

I want to now share some pictures, I get these over time from her, and they need to be shared.





And we get along so well!! ^^^ in case you didn’t know. . . . That’s her boyfriend btw. (HI BRIAN)

This weekend was a quick visit but worth the effort. I got to go canoeing on the lake, never before done, and never so much fun.
That night we all went dancing, they have taken me to this place before and it was the greatest, told by the guy dressed as spider man.




AND they have MULTIPLE photo booths! Which we took advantage of… Duh.

Don’t they make you wanna just throw up?!


Now to the most important parts of the house: The DOGGiES.





And how Trent sees them…


—-Jacqueline, now officially part austinite part San antonioan
— half nadeen for being a photo collector.


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It’s been a while but hey! Guess what? I moved back to San Antonio! Decorating and organizing a giant place to myself takes quite the time and effort… Finally people are moving back and I am slowly adjusting, but I really couldn’t be happier.

This post is dedicated to a something new, acro. My friend Matt from Houston always talked about how “waaaycoool” it was and I was like well yeah it does look awesome but there’s no way I can do it. So I kinda decided when I came back to San Antonio I would try to start doing it. There’s a lot of people here who do it so I had an area to dive right in. Being like 46% introvert that I am I was a bit too nervous to do it alone. My friend autumn is from Austin and sees acro all over the place as well, so she had displayed some interest.

I woke up from a nap and my room was entirely orange from the sunset and autumn texted me saying yo $5 acro jam lets go!! I felt kinda sick but was like screw it I need to get out of bed its 9 pm. So we went…. It was incredible.

We practiced flying and basing for eachother… We toppled over a lot and I instantly realized this would be like those hard yoga poses I’m not strong enough to do for more than a second, meanwhile I was watching people being balanced on their shoulders and hips.

I felt slightly discouraged until a new friend wanted to base me and try some stuff. I never knew the support of a strong base makes it so much better. Because then we could do stuff like this!!





Then things got real crazy..








It was SO much fun I can’t wait to go back!

IN OTHER NEWS, I get to see nadeen this Friday because its her boyfriend and her boyfriends boyfriends birthday weekend! Eeeep


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Three heel clicks then I’m home

Well, what I really meant was three hours… But if prefer the heel clicks to hours any day. It has been some time since we have posted but school gets really busy around finals, if you are in college you understand. You have those last minute tests, papers and projects followed by two weeks of final exams, packing, and trying to say goodbye to who you spent your time with through the year. It’s a really sad time, especially saying by to those graduation seniors who you have gotten so close with…


Luckily some will still be here^^^ thank goodness for that.

But other friends have gone to far away places and I am not sure when I will get to see them again. Even though I will miss all of them I could not wait to come home, as I finally got to yesterday.

I packed my car as much as I could. No idea how I fit in my bike, tv, tons of bags of clothes, mattress topper, pillows, hangers, art work, etc. it was definitely riding low on my three hour trek back to Houston.

I was so happy to be greeted by my mom and puppy on the patio! And got to wake up to this this morning


Here are just a few photos from my sophomore year I had stored on my phone :

One of my best friends

A senior I will miss making me laugh while pissing me off at the same time



The most relatable person I have ever met

People I have known from the beginning


Someone who changed my life

The best of the best

My first and best friend at Trinity

Road trips

White chocolate…

The person I can always go to, my sister


Friday bike rides


And of course, my residents.

I am so happy to be home in Houston and see what the summer has in store.

The day I moved home, nadeen moved into her co-op arrakis and I hope she has pictures for us soon!


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