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Be Cozy, Hygge.

It’s been a while ya’ll

Jacque was in Italy for a whole semester and I just felt like my life was nearly not as exciting as hers, so she temporarily took over the blog ūüėČ

But now, Jacque resides here in Austin folks. Well until August at least. It’s pretty fun, and hasn’t quite sunk in that she lives here yet. We haven’t lived in the same place for a few years now, but I’m¬†enjoying it as much as I can.

I’ve been really into the idea of coziness and what makes a home a real home. My cousin’s boyfriend Nikolaj is from Denmark and he taught me¬†a danish word to describe this.¬†Hygge (pronounced “hYOOguh”)¬†translates to “cozy” but connotes much more. It’s a word that belongs in a home of candles and family and comfort food, drinking coffee, having conversation and cuddling your pup under the covers on a cold day. I want to live with this word everyday.

And so, this word also makes me wonder if you can just go somewhere and make it “hygge,” or what exactly gives us this feel? I just moved into a new home, or more so¬†a cottage which would be in Eastern Europe, with vines growing around it, and creaky wooden floors. Upon arrival, it’s given me the coziest, hygge, atmosphere.

Not sure if this feel is present from the previous people who lived here, the architecture of the house, the pleasant scented candles in our living room, our tribal rug, the conversations which take place,  the old fashioned mugs in our adorable kitchen, or something else.

I think the actions one does in their home, also brings them hygge. The sound of the coffee beans grinding every morning, the song you hum while you brush your teeth, your routine before bed, being able to truly relax in your home.

When scrolling through my recent photos, these are the ones that say hygge to me:


(My niece, Leila. She’s now 10 days old and a princess)


Brian and I’s celebratory meal for him accepting an internship in Houston this summer.


Here’s the princess again


Cody attempting to help me knit a blanket for the baby




Blues on the green


my new room


random kitchen which I outline as my dream kitchen when I become an adult


cute family home


kids swinging in their yard








sunny days shining through my windows


kitty shuffling through my living room




Kindle which I got for free(thanks Esme). Immediately purchased fault in our stars, and cried for days. but it was great.


resting with mama


cody in his happy place


vox veniae, the new church i’ve been going to


studying at cherrywood


boiled potatoes and eggs for breakfast. with lots of olive oil. just like mama makes it.


wok n express’ chefs special soup


homeade latte with arabic


bandit and sunflowers


dogs at a lakehouse






friends and jams


dumplings. with lots of dough.


visitors from brazil.


my new home.

This is¬†the hygge in my world. and although yours may be very different, I hope you’re able to find and cherish it.

I’ll be blogging alot more this summer. I’m nannying full time and got a writing job for a blog, so I’ll have much desire to express my creativity on here.




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Wild Child

I am making it a homework assignment to blog.

I want to stay committed to this because I love the feeling when we get a ton of views and when friends tell me “I read what you posted last night!” It makes me feel like wow, my life IS kinda cool. Ya know?

Before I moved to Austin, my brother lived here, and he would always tell me how excited he was for me to get here cause he just KNEW that I was going to love it. Based on my taste of music, fashion, hobbies, and so on. He thought I’d fit in well with this “hip” culture.

When I got here last year, I was so overwhelmed with the Austin lifestyle and new school and people, it took me a while to adjust. I always felt like I was left out on something going on the city and I wanted so badly to be in this loop of music and the spots to get the best cup of coffee and coolest dog parks and such.

The first Austin band that I started listening to was Wild Child. I saw one of their videos on my news feed on facebook, clicked on it, and instantly fell in love. It was so many sounds, with such genuine lyrics. Unlike anything I had ever heard before. I thought it was so cool to listen to something constantly that none of my friends back home knew of. And to listen to words that people my age, in my own city, wrote. I could relate so well.

This was the first I had ever heard of them. The song¬†Pillow Talk¬†is similar to much of their other music because if you were to just listen to the lyrics and analyze them, it’s really depressing. But they pair their harsh words ¬†with the happy sounds of a ukelele and catchy melodies. Which to me, is life itself. Life gets shitty, alot, but it’s the little happy things that ¬†cover these dampers up, and get us to move on. And keep on living.

Everyone in Austin will tell you they’ve seen Wild Child perform a million times. Which is probably true, but this doesn’t make me any less excited whenever they announce a new show. This past Friday they played at one of my favorite Austin venues,¬†Moody Theater.¬†


This place just makes me feel so classy and chic. With the greatest view when you look off the balcony, and the music sounds so clear and beautiful inside.




Kelsey, you have the most mesmerizing voice. And YOU, only you, could pull off that dress. Keep doing what you’re doing.


IMG_1279Another Austin band,¬†Holiday Mountain,¬†got on stage with them to perform their new single,¬†Crazy Bird.¬†Let me tell ya, this song is my jam. It’s more pop-y than the rest of their new album, but it only takes one listen, just one, ¬†to find yourself playing it every time you get in the car.


Things started to get a little wild when Ben Kweller got on stage. One thing led to another, and soon it was a dance party. I looked around and half the crowd had left my side to get on there with them. IMG_1283

Friday night was beautiful. They sounded remarkable and they looked so happy. Watching a band you love have fun, makes it more worth it to continue to support them. I’ve been listening to their new album¬†The Runaround on repeat since it came out on spotify last week. And I am not nearly close to being sick of it yet. GO LISTEN.

I end this post with a photo of some sunflowers I took at the store yesterday. I’ve been obsessed with yellow lately, and I seized this photo opportunity mainly because yesterday was so rainy and gloomy, walking into the grocery and seeing this at the entrance put a huge smile on my face.


“Could you imagine a place where fields and flowers made of space and stars like your eyes, shine both day and night.” ¬†¬†-Wild Child¬†


(still not completely in the Austin music scene but has accepted that no one will really ever be),

Nadeen Abou-Hossa

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Austin Holiday Festivities

If you’re currently in the wonderful ATX and looking into something to do, I have two activities that’ll keep you entertained and leave your pocket full.


This event is completely FREE. Head on to the beautiful zilker park, grab some hot chocolate, hit up the food trucks there, and walk through these fascinating lights.

photo 1

photo 2


Any disney character you can think of was there! My personal favorite was A Little Mermaid.

photo 1

photo 3

You feel as if you’re in a whole different world…and you have an excuse to act like a kid again ūüôā

photo 5

That’s me and my roommate inside the gigantic christmas tree! If you look up for a while, you start to get loopy and feel as if you’re moving around in circles.


Also…FREE. Currently my favorite dog park in Austin. It has the conveniency of being close to campus, but you feel as if you’re on a beautiful island far far away. So calm, so serene.

photo 3

My brother and I both took our dogs and let them run around off leash. I’m usually afraid to let my pup free, but this place was perfect because it’s pretty much surrounded by water. There’s no where the doggies could escape!

photo 2

photo 4

If you’re fortunate enough to be in this city for the break, these are two fun and free plans to put on your calendar. I’ll be headed to Houston tomorrow morning so get ready for some posts about good food and crazy friends!

“we must become the change we want to see in the world” -Mahatma Gandhi



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