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The Story of the Mysterious Lakehouse

My days have been filled with friends, sunshine, and laughter.

Yes, I am exhausted, but there is no complaining here. I’d rather be busy with this youth stuff that we kids do rather than just sitting at home and letting the pretty days fly by.

Recently, a big group of my high school friends and I were able to reunite at my friend alex’s lakehouse in new braunfels. It’s interesting how all of us have individually changed and gone our own ways in life, but when we’re together, it’s just like the old days again. The stories are even funnier than they were before, the inside jokes really get us, and our true personalities still shine through.


We all owe our friend Alex millions of hugs for letting us stay at his lake house. He is goofy, generous, and a ball of energy that we all find so endearing.

photo 4

At this far far away heaven, we do all sorts of “lakehouse-y” things in the sun


photo 1

and as the night approaches, everything starts to change….


we start to cuddle with each other? (alex and alex hugging, can you say “alex-i”?)


photo 2

we tend to play some odd game where you throw balls into cups and drink this brownish-yellow liquidy stuff..



and then we go off and take selfies with my dog, or at least mitchell does.

524098_10200171341499564_1259532460_nwe occasionally get a little bit sassy…

17778_10200171325619167_1696749200_nbut then we just get gnarly braaaahhhhh



things can get a little out of hand sometimes….


but all in all, we have an amazing time and always look forward to the next visit.

As summer approaches, I get more and more eager to relive these silly days.

What are you wishing for this summer?




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Heartache to Happiness

It’s not until now that I am starting to realize how odd this universe is.
Of course I never thought it was dull, but the white and black colors are starting to transform into vibrant yellows and greens.
What do you think it is that creates this spin?

Is it finding a best friend on a school bench?

Or waking up to a sweet kitten cuddled up under your bike?


Certain things keep us functioning – such as laughter


And we must never forget how beautiful this place can be


We’re never going to get to live these college days again. The feelings we are going through are stronger than ever and although they may cause heartache, we should embrace them as much as we can.



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