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5 phases to completion

This post is not entirely eventful. Just wanted to mention that I finally finished my 2D metal necklace!

It’s really hard for me to actually finish a piece of art, I don’t know if it because I am an indecisive person or what. It took me 5 stages to actually like this piece:


There it is!

It is made out of all copper, the colored pieces were done with a flux heat patina and I riveted everything together with copper wire. the chain out is made of small jump rings.

More projects to come soon!

Off to New Orleans to meet up with Nadeen! And others of course..



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Sister funky fusion

This post goes out to my sister. She is 22 and has been a live in role model for me. My feet don’t necessarily fit into her shoes, we have a lot we disagree on, including boys, fashion, and some life choices but recently I think we both certainly have found our calling in jewelry making.

If you haven’t read about me, I am an art student with a specialization in metal design, mostly jewelry pieces.

I made this:


And am currently working on something along these lines:



But back to my sister! Here’s us btw


You can tell I love her right?

Anyway, I remember the first time we got little Tupperware containers and got to fill them with stretchy string and seed beads to string bracelets and necklaces. My sister has taken that passion from childhood and continued it throughout the years to get better and more creative.

She now has accomplished creations such as these!





and that’s just a look at earrings. Needless to say, she’s talented. I hope that one day we can take both of our skills and do this cool sister fusion funk and make something extremely out of the ordinary!

She recently opened up and etsy shop to see how people take a liking to her jewelry and you can see more stuff there:

I hope this inspires you to keep working at whatever wanky creations you make!



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Here is one for a promise!

I really do plan to keep these promises so here is the first DIY post. In case this is your first trip to a blog, DIY means Do-It-Yourself. Our kind of DIY will relate to jewelry, clothing, and crafts. Sadly, school has been hectic and I have not had a lot of time to actually make anything that special besides a few art pieces, but this summer I had plenty of time on my hands. I will try my hardest to regurgitate how I made these, with fewer pictures than I would have liked, but for everything I make in the future I will remember to snag photos along the way.

1. Dip Dye Shirts:


This is a shirt I made for myself this summer. I got some inspiration from but had no job this summer so I had to get crafty and make my own!


– I went to my local thrift store, one that they have everywhere which is a good one is Goodwill. I found a thin white shirt that was my size.

– I tried on the shirt and marked where I want the sleeves to lay on my shoulders, then just cut em right off!

– For the dye, I went to a local craft store and bought RIT dye in the red color, any color works the same way.

– You mix the instructions on the package of the dye, and I took the bottom of the shirt and rolled it up and clipped it with a hanger

– I mixed the dye in a bucket so I could hang my shirt upside down in the bucket and lay the hanger over the top to rest because it will need to sit for a few hours.

– When it is finally done and you have washed it properly ( by itself in warm water ) it is time to stud!

– I bought my studs from but there are local fabric or craft stores if you are as impatient as I am to get crafting. The studs are up to your own creativity, but I usually go for the collar area, and different studs have different application processes so look on the package they come in.

Here is another one I made when I started selling some of my crafts!



These are so fun to make on rainy days!

**** If you are looking for fashion tips, hair tips, reviews, or just a great sense of where to get started you should check out this blog! She has wonderful ideas:

I am headed home to Houston for the first time in two months this weekend so I cannot wait to have fun and see my family. Keep your eyes pealed for a new post soon!


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