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It’s been a while but hey! Guess what? I moved back to San Antonio! Decorating and organizing a giant place to myself takes quite the time and effort… Finally people are moving back and I am slowly adjusting, but I really couldn’t be happier.

This post is dedicated to a something new, acro. My friend Matt from Houston always talked about how “waaaycoool” it was and I was like well yeah it does look awesome but there’s no way I can do it. So I kinda decided when I came back to San Antonio I would try to start doing it. There’s a lot of people here who do it so I had an area to dive right in. Being like 46% introvert that I am I was a bit too nervous to do it alone. My friend autumn is from Austin and sees acro all over the place as well, so she had displayed some interest.

I woke up from a nap and my room was entirely orange from the sunset and autumn texted me saying yo $5 acro jam lets go!! I felt kinda sick but was like screw it I need to get out of bed its 9 pm. So we went…. It was incredible.

We practiced flying and basing for eachother… We toppled over a lot and I instantly realized this would be like those hard yoga poses I’m not strong enough to do for more than a second, meanwhile I was watching people being balanced on their shoulders and hips.

I felt slightly discouraged until a new friend wanted to base me and try some stuff. I never knew the support of a strong base makes it so much better. Because then we could do stuff like this!!





Then things got real crazy..








It was SO much fun I can’t wait to go back!

IN OTHER NEWS, I get to see nadeen this Friday because its her boyfriend and her boyfriends boyfriends birthday weekend! Eeeep



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Machine project workshop

I mentioned in my last post that I attended an art workshop last week. It was something else ( my dad uses that phrase a lot, so I like it). I have only been to a few art workshops in my lifetime but not one based on performance art. The whole workshop theme was kind of secretive so no one had any idea what to expect.

When I got there I saw yoga mats all laid out across the floor, I was pretty excited because I do love yoga but this was not what I was expecting. We were told to lay on the mat and relax ( I can’t do that, due to my back and hip problems it is SO uncomfortable to lay on my back) so this was a struggle for me. While we laid there, a woman had some loops of noises playing in the background and a few instrumental sounds while she led a meditation.

She repeAted ” you are here” many times throughout and after attending a seperate meditation class last week, that seems to be a common theme of meditation. To relate your body and the self to where you are now, how you feel now, and knowing that everything else besides the self is temporary.

Afterwards, we used earbies to record what we remembered from the spoken meditation, and we played the recordings back while sitting in a small huddled circle. This was really too close for comfort.

Focusing on the theme of sounds and nature, we proceeded outside to try to capture all that we heard and felt.

Here is the artist of this earbie performance art:


And here’s me, a little disconnected..




There’s my boots! ^^^^


Okay the last exercise we did was SO cool. So we split up into groups and recorded a scenario into the earbies. Another group would sit with their eyes closed on the floor while the group played the scenario for them. While my group sat on the ground, another group had a slow progression of the jungle into the night. So that means there were monkeys and jaguars and danger. All noises made by mouth or organic things and I was honestly squirming, I felt like a jaguar was right next to my ear about to bite!


Overall, it really opened my eyes to the idea of performance art. So often I have been at the contemporary arts museum in Houston and seen videos of performance art and not understood it or appreciated it, but this workshop really changed my view.

I don’t have a lot else going on this week, but Friday we set out for New Orleans!! And we cannot wait!


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Hi I know nadeen just posted but I want to put a few events coming up in SATX especially since a few are tomorrow!

Thursday 2/28
– a clockwork orange FILM at the McKnay museum on Austin hwy at 6:30 pm FREE

– the machine project lecture by mark Allen who is an artist from LA and he has a lecture at 6:30 at Trinty University in Northrop hall room 040. Following is a performance art piece and gallery opening in dicke/smith next door
—- I went to a workshop the machine project hosted today and will post all about it soon! It’s quite MACHsyterious

– KICKBALL at brackenridge softball fields at 7 pm! It is free and is an open house type thing for a league so if you are interested in joining the league grab some beer and come play!

Friday 3/1

– FIRST FRIDAYS all over southtown. Open art galleries, artists houses, craft booths, street buskin, etc. free as always but not if you wanna buy something… Usually around 5-10 pm

– donation yoga: AC power yoga on broadway 4 pm $5 donation

– deer vibes & girl in a coma show! Great local bands playing for free at j&o’s but sorry it is 21+ only.

Saturday 3/2

– print fair at the McKnay museum from 10-5 go get some cool prints for sale!

– farmers market at the pearl brewery! 9-1

– another deer vibes show! This time with sick/sea and island & tigers and it is all ages woohoo! It’s al the 1011


– print fair again from 12-5

– donation yoga: southtown yoga lifts on s. st Mary’s in southtown 6pm and $5 donation.

That’s all for now! Stay groovy



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I like to consider myself a nice person who is 96% unjudgemental (4% because I am a human..) however, right now I cannot handle people who complain about San Antonio.
I regularly hear “gosh, there is NOTHING to do in San Antonio.” Or ” Everything that happens in Austin is so much cooler than San Antonio.”
Let me tell you all, San Antonio has a lot to offer, you might have noticed if you read this regularly…

So far, my favorite event is Artslam. You should read the SAcurrent if you want to know about these events.

This years artslam was conveniently at the White Rabbit which is down the street from my school! It is a giant live art showcase with local bands, DJs and artists. There are always featured artists so this years from New York was Buff Monster and two others I can’t remember…


Finished piece :




Jordan. Hehe

One thing to know about the White Rabbit is that it is already covered in graffiti! It’s a really badass building on the outside and pretty extensive on the inside, but they painted a whole stretch of wall white for the featured artists to lay it down


This guy was EXTRAORDINARY! He was the most talented spray paint artist I’ve ever seen. He made this while we watched and it was incredibly detailed and looked like a PHOTO by free handing spray paint. Here is my friend Will with the finished piece… He was quite a fan of this fictionous woman.



Trio reunited.


Buff monster.



Bands who played: JAPANTHER (awesome pop punk band), the lastnighters, pop pistol, and some others. My favorite was deervibes!
They are a local band who are huge, in number I mean. Possibly 12 people on stage…? Including a tuba, violin and trumpet. Out come some awesome sounds.

^the lastnighters

Okay my favorite part of the night. zombie make up. We walked by a booth that seemed to have some strange things around it.. Like x men characters and film noir guns. This woman was in a chair and had some interesting make up on so we approached and watched for a while.

Beautiful right? Oddly, she still looked really pretty.
3 hours later…


Mmm yeah not so pretty anymore..


We talked to them for a bit and learned that she has a clothing line and hired him for a photo shoot, they became fast friends and now she regularly gets zombified by him. They went to the walking dead convention, and afterwards out for hamburgers in full makeup. Ordered a brain burger.





Trio reunited looking real cute…

Saturday night well spent NOT with the rest of the school at a country western concert.


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Before I die

Since I have been back school has not been too demanding. Luckily that gives me time for adventures! I had heard there was a before I die wall in San Antonio and I guess you could say I put it on my bucket list. Now that I am super lucky and get out of class at 10:20 am on Fridays that gives me ALL day to do fun things. ( I should probably get a job) but I am looking for places to volunteer as well! My friend Ben and I ventured down to the wall which is south of southtown which you should know of if you live in San Antonio! (Hint: king William historic district!)



The wall gets erased every once in a while so there weren’t too many goals on there but here’s a few I liked:




That one was mine ^


The weather was so amazing that day that we had to take advantage of our favorite park (also in southtown) called Chris park. It’s a beautiful hidden green space in the heart of the city.



Here are my two favorite parts of this park:

And the toilet room that’s huge/modern/halfoutside



While we sunbathed I found this really awesome Lisa frank phone on my app. I hope you all remember Lisa frank from childhood if you are roughly my age…
I Lisa frank’d a selfie…


Anywho, tomorrow is MLK day so that means no school woohhoooo. If you are near the San Antonio area I HIGHLY suggest attending the march on the east side. It is the largest in the nation and I will be there with the jazz station I DJ for as we do a live coverage!


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Fancy snackz

So, school has officially started but due to syllabus days I don’t find a need to do anything but cool stuff. Right, I guess stuff I think is cool. Anywho, my school has an awesome art gallery in the art building. There was this guy who put together a photography exhibit. Some of the photos date back to 1968. They are amazing black and white photos of Mayan civilization and culture. So lots of little people in villages showing off their everyday life, family and things they do.


Because it was the opening reception it was all fancy with catered drinks and nibbles.. That’s a gross word. I mean snackz of course, they had snackz.
They also did this neat thing where you got an iPod when you entered and you listened to the photographer talk about each photo and tell the story!




The photos are on display through February I believe so if you are nearby definitely check it out! Sorry you won’t get snackz or iPod fancy.

–also if you love some man eye candy like nadeen and I do.. Definitely remember to visit art galleries. Apparently they like them too..

“the trick to getting what you want is knowing what you can get.”


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Today is the perfect morning to make a new post. It is pretty disgusting outside, cloudy, quiet, humid. Lets see how long it takes me to get out of my dark room today..

Well, I am sad to say this but my camera has had a lot of problems recently. I finally got it working again! Heads up though, these pictures are taken with my cell phone… so they are not too entirely fantastic.

I know that it seems like every time I go somewhere I end up at the pearl brewery, but that is because they have so many cool events going on and it is the perfect bike ride! Yesterday was the annual Tamale Festival and boy did they have tamales. They had so much fiesta decorations up that I felt like I was at a huge outdoor mexican party, lets be real though… that is kind of what it was. Every inch of the pearl was crawling with people stuffing their faces with tamales. I am pretty sure I could accurately draw a tamale from memory with full detail at this point. There was over 50 tamale stands wrapping the grounds of the pearl. They also had the farmers market running late so I got some yummy chocolate mint iced coffee.

Here are a few pictures:

One thing I certainly have started to appreciate more is architecture. The pearl has some very cool architecture. It was planned to have an old warehouse look but remain modern.








I especially love this picture above ^. This is one of the coolest hidden pieces at the pearl. It reminds me of my current final project for my sculpture class (pictures to come soon!)

There is also some residencies and shops at the pearl!



I found a very cool new shop at the pearl that just might be my favorite place ever. It is called Leighelena. After some research online I discovered that this is the designer for bracelets my sister sells at her work.



This is just a taste of some of the jewelry but this store also sells eclectic gifts, vintage clothing, art, and soooo much more. It really is a great place.



Well, now that finals are approaching and classes are ending I will either be incredibly busy or super bored. Hopefully I will finish my scarf before I go to Denver!

-More to come!


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Yoga and Postcards

Well, today was my first day of classes back at Trinity, so it is nice to have some time to finally make another post! I promise I will start making more once I get into a routine here.

This post is pretty much filled with randomness but I think it is important! So I want to start off telling you all a quick fact about myself: I collect postcards! I started about a year ago, I think… and so far have a little over 20 which I think is pretty COOL. I am extremely excited because Nadeen just sent me one in the mail from Austin! I know she is not that far… but we already miss each other!

Here is me + new postcard from NADEEN!

I also took a few more pictures with some wonderful postcards that won’t stay up on my wall:

My boyfriend got me this one while he was in Europe!

This one comes from New York! I have about three from NY, I think…

ANYWAY, if you are from somewhere cool and would love to add to my postcard collection I would love to receive more!
So, another fact about me is that I started doing yoga this past summer. I did it a bit in San Antonio before I came home for summer because they offered really great outdoor free classes. This summer I took a wonderful class suggested from another friends blog ( and it was donation based, which was so wonderful because I don’t actually have a job right now. I began my search frantically for some donation classes or even free meditation classes in San Antonio, really anything to help with stress. I did find something cool!

If you are in the Alamo Heights area like I am and love yoga you should be aware of AC Power Yoga. It is a studio on Broadway and I found out that an instructor there is hosting classes with a donation of a minimum of $5 for a project for Africa. This is perfect for anyone low on cash but really wanting some group yoga!

As the flyer says it is on Fridays, at a perfect afternoon time. The studio also offers Community Classes which are also $5 dollars on Monday and Wednesdays at 4.

I hope you make it out, this class should be really fun, and hopefully it won’t kick my butt too much!

Here is a wonderful site for all you yogi’s out in San Antonio:




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